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Energetic Healing and Support

1:1 Clarity Sessions

Entrepreneur Support

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Feel better, supported as you step up to the next levels in your business.

Kick Start Your Business Playbook – Digital and Printable

Self-Paced Learn, Plan & Implement

Learning, Mindset, Planning, Visualization, Affirmation

The Kick Start Your Business Playbook is a step-by-step plan that can be used in-conjunction with any other systems you already use in your business.

The KSYB Playbook will help shift your mindset, raise your vibration, give you clarity around where you are now and where you’re heading. You’ll finish with an actionable plan-in-hand, feeling energized and ready to take action.

Curious to learn more about how this all works? Check out the video below.




Q: How can energy work help me and my business?

A: As an entrepreneur, you know that you are your biz.

If you are sick, distracted, overwhelmed, you know it affects your bottom line, focus, ability to connect authentically, your ability to do quality work – and you KNOW these things are linked.

This is where our 1:1 reiki energy healing intensive sessions can support you and your entrepreneurial journey.

These sessions support you physically – helping with your overall and specific health and wellness.

These sessions can support you mentally – bringing calm and joy, releasing stress and anxiety.

The healing is so simple yet so, powerful – for your foundation and your transformation.

The benefits of this healing is almost limitless – read more benefits and learn how it works HERE.

*Ready to book? Grab your session HERE.

*Want more? You can book an 8 Week Intensive for even greater change and healing. Learn more HERE:

nature healing wellness

What if you could have:

Focus vs Distraction

Action Taking vs Procrastination

Ease vs Struggle

Joy vs Stress

Calm vs Anxiety

Clarity vs Fog

Alignment vs Feeling Forced

I can help you get there. From feeling like you can’t make it work, or feeling stuck or at a loss, to feeling energized, clear, focused and ready to take inspired action.

Through the Kick Start Your Biz Online Workshop, which will help you get your biz back up and running, as well as through intensive energy work sessions that help get to the root issues, and with the ongoing tips, tricks, and trainings on new concepts, you’ll find much to support your mental and physical health, your business success, your mindset and helping you find the magic within to create a life that fills you with joy and calm.

exploring entrepreneur experience

Experience feedback from my clients:

Katy was amazing to work with. I didn’t have to “do” anything! After our reiki session I felt more at peace, more ease in my business, and a sense of it all working out in it’s own perfect way. I was looking to fill a group program and felt a real sense of calm around it-far from the desperation, attachment and anxiety I had felt before! Yes, I was a little skeptical if it really “worked”, but I definitely felt a change.

Jenn H.

I am feeling a lot more calm and something that had been bothering me from the weekend with someone got some closure. She ended up contacting me and putting my mind at ease so that released a lot of stress that I had been feeling! x
I am feeling a lot more excited and motivated to kick butt! Also having more ideas come to me. I think I just need to have that fear removed or blockages cleared so that I can finally get the following that I want! Its going to happen I know it! x
But my presence online is growing seeming to flow a lot easier – it has something to do with the good stuffs we’re doing.
Kylianne F.

Feeling definitely like I’m in control of my life instead of scrambling to stay on top. Craziest thing that’s been happening (and again, this could just be NYC), I am sleeping like it’s my j-o-b.  Yes, please. I love where I’m going.  I can use all the help I can get!

Jill S.

Day 3 – Client signed on to an elite level package (5 figures total) and made the first payment today. Right after I accepted that payment, another potential client who has been stalling on signing up contacted me to say she’s ready.

I have to admit I had some doubts about distance reiki, but I’m a believer now! Overall, I’m feeling more focused, more energetic, and more emotionally free.
crazily enough I’m actually feeling like the negative energy from my boss is not a factor anymore.
That’s pretty wonderful.
Michelle H.