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Project Joy | For Photographers

Breaking the Burnout Cycle Oh, beautiful photographer, I feel the pain. This time of the year can be so intense. The last-minute family photo requests, the random mini-session requests, the demands for things to be expedited, demands for discounts, client wondering why she looks different in a photo than she does in the mirror, the […]

Monthly Healing November | Do Business Your Way

Staying True to You In Business As a creative person, a writer, a business person, you show up in a unique and brave way, every day. Staying true to yourself, your passion and your gifts can feel impossible. This world bombards with “perfect-life” comparison, should-do’s for a “successful” business and to-do lists that are designed by […]

Engaging Inspiration | Higher Living & Working

Where do you go & what do you do when you want a good dose of inspiration?    I hear from a lot of people that their place to get ideas flowing is in the shower. Which makes some sense. Feeling the water hit your head, your spine… everything starts moving… thoughts flowing freely, like the […]

Take Back Today | Mindfulness Meditation

A Gift for You: Mindfulness Meditation Today, let’s simplify the noise and get right to action-taking that will immediately change the out-of-control, harried course of your day. If you want different results, you need to take different actions. Right now, I invite you to grab a few minutes to unplug your brain, plug in your […]

Monthly Joy | September Healing

Welcome to our very first monthly healing session! This begins a journey to release pain, heal wounds and make the joy that’s within bigger, stronger, brighter and make that joy your status quo. Jump right in: If you haven’t already, be sure to learn more about these healing sessions and sign up for updates HERE. […]