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How About a Miracle Today? | Tools for Entrepreneurs

I LOVE this technique for a few reasons:
#1 It feels like magic (it is making real shifts y’all)
#2 It puts the power – and responsibility – back in our hands
#3 It releases the burden of old pain, anger and hatred quickly and powerfully – like a skilled hairdresser, quickly cutting away years of dead growth, letting the healthy glow-y parts be what remains (emotional decluttering)
#4 It is so, so so simple. (but, depending on the issue, not necessarily easy)

December Healing + Virtual Retreat

Welcome to Your December Healing + an Invite to Relax and Plan for 2018, in Proper Project Joy Style This month’s healing is focused on helping you stay centered, calm and present even in the midst of distraction. Help release the stuff that doesn’t serve your highest and best good and bring in more joy […]