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Is Energy Healing Right for You? | A Simple Tool for Feeling Your Best

Would you be interested in receiving a monthly healing as a member of my email list? The intentions would be more general than what we do in Project Joy, and would be targeted to helping you feel better and live a full life. This would give you a great base level of healing and, if you find yourself ready to take it to the next level, you can join our Project Joy community, specifically designed for entrepreneurs, artists & writers. And if you find yourselves ready for even more targeted healing and support, you can join my 1:1 program.

Avoiding Energy Vampires | Health in Life and Business

Pivot Points – Core Concepts for Self-Understanding, Transformation, Growth Avoiding Energy Vampires Today’s Core Concept – Your Energy When considering tools, tips, techniques for helping us figure out life and live better, I think it’s very helpful to distill to simple, basic concepts that are more powerful and get to the point as soon as […]

Rejection is Awesome! And Other Surprises.

Rejection is Awesome! …that’s a phrase that NEVER crossed my mind, until recently, when I experienced rejection. I’d been in an interview process to be a consultant for a company that helped other companies find just the right employees for the right team in their company. I LOVE doing work like that, making connections, bringing […]