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How About a Miracle Today? | Tools for Entrepreneurs

How About A Miracle Today?

Practical “Woo” Tool for Entrepreneurs


This week I’ve been practicing an ‘Hawaiian miracle technique’ and wanted to share it with you all. I LOVE this technique for a few reasons:


#1 It feels like magic (it is making real shifts y’all)

#2 It puts the power – and responsibility – back in our hands

#3 It releases the burden of old pain, anger and hatred quickly and powerfully – like a skilled hairdresser, quickly cutting away years of dead growth, letting the healthy glow-y parts be what remains (emotional decluttering)

#4 It is so, so so simple. (but, depending on the issue, not necessarily easy)


So what is this miraculous technique?

This technique is from ancient Hawaii and it’s called Ho’oponopono – a simple practice based on the idea that we are responsible for everything we think, every person we meet, everything we see and hear, and everything that comes to our attention. Things do not exist “out there” outside of our being, but instead, they exist in our mind. If you can hold the space (even temporarily) for this idea to exist and be true for you, while you do the practice, you’ll start to experience healing for yourself as well as begin to heal others. Take responsibility and ownership for all experiences, people, memories, situations that are a part of your life and then take the next steps to healing.


Here are the steps to the technique:

  • Bring to mind a person, situation or memory that brings you pain, or something you’d like to heal or improve. Imagine it as if it were real and next to you.
  • Say “I’m Sorry”
  • Say “I forgive you” and/or “Please forgive me” (Forgiveness has different meanings in different cultures, so I like to say both.)
  • Say “Thank You”
  • Say “I Love You”


These words above are some of the most powerful words we have in our language.

How often do you say them? How often do you truly, fully mean them when you do say them?


I know that I don’t use them often enough and, when I do, I tend to say them quickly and just try to be done with it because of the intensity.


These words are scary and leave us vulnerable and reveal our hearts and minds. But maybe that’s the goal in this exercise. And maybe that’s the goal in this life.


So, as you use the phrases above, let the words really resonate and be full of power. Even when – especially when – we’re working through situations that make us feel especially angry, sad or frustrated.


The more we can heal those heavy weights from ourselves, the freer we become.


Check out the video for a few more thoughts:


I’d love to hear if you give it a try and what you experience before, during and after.

I hope it helps you at least as much as it’s helped me – please let me know in the comments below!

Will you make this a regular practice?


Here are a couple links if you’d like to dig in to ho’oponopono (it’s a fun word to say out loud!):

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1 Killer Action to Turn Your Business Around Quickly | The Power of Doing Less

1 Killer Action to Turn Your Business Around Quickly

The Power of Doing Less


Hey there, entrepreneur-friend – tell me about that big, long to-do list you have, that includes ALL the things that need to be accomplished in your business. If you’re like me, you have multiple lists in multiple places – in journals, on the backs of a worksheet from that class, in Evernote, Trello…you have a list-making-habit.


These lists include activities like updating our website, reaching out to that person who was interested in learning more about our biz, making new social media posts, responding to that inquiry, figuring out how to link PayPal or Stripe (agh, which one do I choose) to your products and services page. The list feels like it’s ever-expanding and like it has to be comprehensive, complex and we MUST get it all done if we have any hope of not-failing. If can feel like this list has a lot of power…and it can feel overwhelming.


So then, when we sit down to work or when we’re creating our schedule, we see this massive list and we’ll pick an activity to do. What do you find yourself choosing first from this big list?


I’ll bet a bit of money that you choose something like updating your website or writing a blog, or creating a social media post first…or maybe you’ll go do laundry or clean your bathroom? Something that still allows you to be productive while still staying ‘safe’.  And you’ll let other more-scary client-getting activities – things like responding to an inquiry and doing a FB live video slip down to a lower slot on priority ladder. Am I right?


We fill our days with unnecessary busy work because it still feels like we’re doing what we should be doing and that should be good enough… right?


I know what you’re doing because this is too often where I’ve found myself.  


When sitting down to work, I’d look at all the things I needed to get done for my business and I’d choose something important – but something that didn’t reach out to people –  I’d tweak my website and logo endlessly, maybe order business cards and brochures, and I’d never do the more vulnerable scary work like send an email to someone who I was pretty sure I could help, or create that video talking about the work I do with my clients. And you know what? I struggled to get clients. My choices were not serving who I really wanted and I found my savings and confidence dwindling down as I was trying to make my business work.


So here’s the thing I realized: Having the big, comprehensive list is great. It’s good to know what you’d like to accomplish, but from that list you need to choose what is most going to help you step into the life and business you’ve been dreaming about. What choices are going to move you toward the success you want? What are the most potent activities you can do this week and today to grow your business?


Here’s your simple, powerful take-away action-step:


Take 3 things from your big list and make them the only three things you need to accomplish this week. The key is – and here’s where I push your comfort zone – at least 2 of these 3 things need to be about getting more clients and creating a solid foundation for your business. The third thing can be something more administrative, like working on your website or a logo.


How’s that feel when you think about making this 3 Thing to-do list? For me it’s usually a mix of good fear and excitement and relief. Relief in that I only have to do three things, fear in that I’m going to be pushing the limits of my comfort zone with at least 2 of those activities. 


If you need some ideas for client-getting activities, here are a few to get your wheels turning:

  • guest posting on a friend or colleague’s blog
  • being of service – not pitching, being of true, generous service – in Facebook groups
  • referrals from past clients
  • giving free talks in your area
  • following up with warm leads
  • adding a section in your newsletter about working with you
  • sending dedicated pitch emails to your list
  • connecting in person and via phone with colleagues to talk about business and share leads
  • hosting free webinars
  • add your business information in my email signature
  • sending quality, free content to your email list, on a regular basis


Which of these activities feel do-able and like something you could easily start with to get the ball rolling? Star, circle, highlight, make notes about those that spark your interest. Again, use the following questions as a filter – the more honest you can be, the more quickly you can turn things around:

  • What is most going to help you step into the life and business you’ve been dreaming about?
  • What choices are going to move you toward the success you want?
  • What are the most potent activities you can do this week and today to grow your business?


The idea of the 3 Things List is to help you simplify, reduce overwhelm and really assess where you’re putting your energy. In truth, it’s helping you prioritize the actions that are going to make the biggest impact in your business – and it probably means you’ll be doing 2 more REAL client-getting activities that you would have in a busy-work-only week.


When you can do less of the busy work and do just a few real ‘scary’ activities every week, you’re going to start seeing real results.


This is where your business starts to turn around and where you get a taste of the success that has felt out of reach despite all the hours you’ve been putting in. You don’t have to burn yourself out to be successful and you don’t have to have your public image (website, social media, etc) perfect before you get started.


Start by getting into more conversations with people, use your gifts and passions to help them and be open to inviting them to work with you and to enjoy an amazing experience as your client and as your customer.


You have so much to offer your peeps. Make it easier for them to find you, know you, like you and trust you, because that’s when the fun magic happens on both sides and they gladly buy from you. Let’s allow more of this good stuff in.


So, before you move on – what are the 3 Things you’re committing to this week?


Be sure to comment below with your list of 3 Things and if you found this helpful, please share it!



Coach for Women in businessI work with women like you who are ready to grow your online-based businesses. They are typically struggling with overwhelm, feeling like they need to incorporate all the things the experts say they should into their to-do list. Instead, I help them work with their unique skills and strengths to better leverage their action-taking and so they can experience real joy in work and life. Receive email updates HERE.

And, if you’re ready to stop feeling stuck and start rocking your business, learn more about getting support to help you get there with this introductory coaching package: Get Unstuck

Girl talk in the bathroom. Quick deep dive into resistance and success.

Side note: This video was unplanned. As you watch you’ll clearly see this. BUT, I’m a big pusher of inspired action and I believe in walking the talk. This is me taking inspired action. I firmly believe this is a message someone needs to hear, and my job is to set my ego and fear aside and share it. Since you’re here, perhaps it’s you or a friend that is experiencing this struggle of resistance. Please share with them – maybe it’ll make just the right bit of difference for them today. Thank you~ 


Girl Talk in the Bathroom – Let’s Get Real About Resistance and Success. Rebel Tendency

You’re feeling resistance and frustration as you work hard to get some traction in your new-ish business. You’ve done a ton of work – ongoing education, webinars with experts, you’ve purchased top-rated scheduling apps and made a bullet-proof plan – all the things that should be making your business a success, but you are still struggling.

You are too easily distracted, finding busy work and more books and one more marketing class to take. These distractions – even well-intentioned – are getting in your way. Let’s talk about why this is happening and let’s figure out real strategies to help you get out of this stuckness.

The take-aways…

Connect your work with your Why: Uncover your true identity (not your fear-based beliefs) – what is your purpose, your vision and passion? This is the first step in making real change in your mindset, in switching your motivation so that you can work and create in a way that is authentic to you and your core beliefs. This helps to melt away resistance and to energize your creativity.

Please leave a comment and let me know if this strikes a chord with you. You may not be a complete rebel, but I believe we all come up against resistance and this is a technique that will help any of us start to move through it.

And… are you ready for some more tips for dealing with your rebellious self? We can dig into that next.

See you soon!


Coach for Women in businessKaty Moses works with women who are ready to grow their online-based businesses. They are typically struggling with overwhelm, feeling like they need to incorporate all the things the experts say they should into their to-do list. Instead, I help them work with their unique skills and strengths to better leverage their action-taking and so they can experience real joy in work and life. Receive email updates HERE.

And, if you’re ready to stop feeling stuck and start rocking your business, learn more about my latest project, Get Unstuck

When Sickness Comes To Sabotage Your Success | Healing Thine Self

self healing revolution responsible

When Sickness Comes To Sabotage Your Success

I felt it today, while I was driving, on my way to a meeting… I felt it creeping up my shoulders to my neck and starting to press in on the glands at my throat. It was sickness. It was the beginnings of what I regularly experience. But today was different. Today I recognized that particular sick as a form of self-sabotage. My own body was looking to protect me from my current momentum and success (even if it’s small at the moment, it’s still the right direction!) and it wanted to take me back to my safe place. Back to my home, my bed to recuperate.


As soon as I realized that, I felt defeated, deflated. I’m tired of feeling sick so frequently. I’m tired of this stopping my momentum, inhibiting my creativity and keeping me away from I want to do with this life.


But in the midst of feeling this sickness coming on, I got some inspired advice, and with this advice, I decided to take control, take my body and my health back, with love and compassion. 


And the sick went away. 


I get sick regularly and it’s been that way for almost as long as I can remember. Though if I dug deep enough, and far enough back, I’d probably find that the beginnings of the sickness were tied to some particular life event.


For me the sickness typically shows up in the form of migraines, or overall fatigue and feeling like poop.


To step back for a minute and look at illness in another way, what happens when we’re sick aside from the symptoms?…


Here’s what happens to me when I’m sick:


I have to stay home and not go into the world. I don’t have to stand in front of the room and give that presentation. I don’t have to exercise. I get attention in the form of sympathy and special care and foods. I don’t have to do the work. I don’t have to be brave and vulnerable. I have an excuse. I have an opt out. I am protected from the harshness the world can bring – the rejection, the ridicule, the judgement… I am safe when I have my sickness around me.


How does that make you feel?


If it triggers you and makes you mad, I totally understand. When these concepts were first introduced to me – YEARS ago – I thought it was falseness being spewed by someone who never got sick and didn’t know what it felt like to suffer. They had no idea how special I was in my pain and suffering. They had no idea how much I hurt.


I really felt this way. I felt like I was special for my sickness. There was something really wrong with me that nobody else could ever possibly experience like I experienced. It sounds kinda funny now, from this perspective, but it’s actually pretty awful. What kind of prison was I insisting I live in?


Before y’all go crazy here and get mad and think I’m ridiculing and judging the sick peeps of the world, please know that’s not the intent of sharing my story.


My intent is to introduce you to an idea that might change your life. It might free you from your sickness too. It might open the door to your prison cell so you can walk out and start living life more fully. 


If you’re still with me and reading this far, you’re probably here because at least a part of you is ready to hear this message. Part of you is ready to stop being a victim and is ready to start taking responsibility for your life and your health.


If you’re not sure if this applies to you… ask yourself: Do you regularly find yourself falling ill at really important times in your life? Do you find yourself coming down with something when it’s your turn to be in charge of something? How about when someone is counting on you and it feels scary? How about when you’re about to have a major breakthrough? Or when you’re starting to experience some success? 


Sometimes sickness is not just about protecting you and helping you hide, but it’s showing up as a cue that you’re doing something that really doesn’t align with who you are.


Sometimes sickness comes when we’re holding onto lies with so much determination, they start to take form as illness in our bodies.


And sometimes sickness just means we got a kiss from a sick, sweet kiddo.


But, what if, you could look at those feelings of illness, when they start to show up, and you could recognize them and invite them to leave? And what if they did leave? 


That would feel pretty exciting right? Empowering maybe?


For me, discovering both the possible reasons for my regular sickness (for me I believe it’s about protection from being vulnerable, and self-sabotaging my success so I’m kept safe, at a level I know and am comfortable with) and then realizing I could recognize the sick as it creeped into my body, acknowledge it, and then let it go was HUGE. I know this will take some ongoing practice and I know it’s also a signal that I need to slow down and make time for self-care and extra hydration and good foods.


How would that feel for you?


May I take you through the super simple process for what I did?


(I’m going to assume you said yes, since you’re still reading…)


As I felt that pressure start to creep up and around my neck I acknowledged the pain and the discomfort. I said:


I see you there. I acknowledge you, little one. I can feel you coming in my shoulders and up my neck and starting to press in. I see you, and I thank you for showing up and doing your job. I know you’re here to protect me and to keep me safe. But, it’s okay, I’ve got this. I’m in the right place and good things are happening. It’s new territory, yes, but that’s ok. Let’s be curious here. Let’s see what happens. Let’s see how it feels to do something different. Let’s see how it feels to be brave and to see where this road leads. Let’s see what this next place looks like, let’s see what it feels like. Let’s see what we learn. It’s okay, we’ll be okay. We can be strong and healthy. We can feel good. We can be vulnerable and we can share. We can share our weird and we can be open to more weird coming our way. We can ignore the comments (we can turn off the comments). Thank you for being here and for teaching me so many things in this life. Thank you for all the character you’ve built, and for patience and for growing a pretty good tolerance to pain. Thank you for all the quiet time you brought me. Thank you for all you’ve done. Now I release you so we can step through to the next place.

This is basically what I said. Not verbatim, since I was driving and didn’t write it down, but this overall feel of the statements. Start by recognizing it, acknowledging it, thanking it, releasing it and then laying down a forward path.


Does this feel a little crazy to think about doing this? I imagine it might, but consider that something crazy might change things for you too. If you’ve been doing the same things for a long time and still aren’t seeing the results you want, crazy can offer an excellent solution. If nothing else, it’s different and can entertain you for a few minutes and the silliness might take your mind off the pain.


So next time you do start to feel the first signs of you sick coming on give this a try. And when you say the words, say them and really mean them, feel them. Really bring your awareness to the sensations you’re feeling of your sickness. Be aware of a lifting and releasing sensation when you thank the sick, and when you allow it to release. Let yourself feel excitement as you talk about the path ahead – as you allow curiosity to come and show you what brave feels like, what success looks like (or whatever you’d like to incorporate into your life that the sick is currently infringing on) and let humor and silliness and emotion move around as you do this.


It’s worth a shot, no?


And I can’t speak from experience just yet, but I’m pretty sure that this will take some practice to get the hang of reacting to our sick in this new way.


But let’s give it a try and let’s ask others to try this with us. Let’s get curious about where our sickness comes from and why, when, how, where.


And let me know, k? I really do hope this helps you the way it helped me. Thanks for sharing this journey to healing with me.


With love,



P.S. How about we continue this discussion in our online community? C’mon over —>>> Link to join

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