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Kick Start Your Business Playbook

The Kick Start Your Business Playbook is a step-by-step plan that can be used in-conjunction with any other systems you already use in your business.

The KSYB Playbook will help shift your mindset, raise your vibration, give you clarity around where you are now and where you’re heading. You’ll finish with an actionable plan-in-hand, feeling energized and ready to take action. Learn more…  

SELF CARE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS + Project Joy for Photographers

Photographers, what if you could stop the burnout, stop feeling the constant pressure and anxiety, and stop giving up what you really want in your business?

What if, instead, you could reconnect to your original love to your work? What if you could decide exactly what you want to do and the clients you’d like to serve? What if you do less of what you hate about this work and choose to do more of what you love? What if you could shoot exactly what you wanted? What if you could package and price your photos in an entirely different way that gave you greater freedom? Let’s help you rekindle your love for your art and help you turn your business into something that truly feeds you. Click for more info…