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Woman on Fire Group Coaching Transformational Mastermind

Woman on Fire Mastermind Membership

An exclusive transformational + growth-focused coaching community


Join the fun, results-driven, heart-centered community of women who are bringing their fire to the world.


You’ve been feeling a tug at your heart to do more with your time and with your life.


And you feel like time and life is moving by faster by the day.


You feel frustrated by the limits you and others place on your life, and you’re tired of playing small when there’s so much more you want to do with your life.


You’re already making differences in your life and your community – but you want even more.


Imagine letting go of all the old expectations, moving through blocks and resistance and stepping into a joy-filled, inspired life of your dreams, doing work that lights you up and makes a difference in the lives of others.


It feels like you’ve hit a sweet spot with life. You’re in alignment with who you truly are at the deepest level and work and success comes with a fun ease and flow.


Now you’ve seen what you’re capable of – you feel empowered and have created amazing momentum, designing a life and business that brings you greater joy and abundance.


Katy Moses coachingThe Woman on Fire mastermind is led by me, Katy!

I’m a coach for women who are ready to uplevel their lives and businesses


I help them move out of procrastination and over-thinking and step into practical, powerful action so they can start making the impact and do the work they’re here to do.


And I can’t wait to work with you, side-by-side and support your transformation.


The Transformation + Experience with Your Woman on Fire Membership:


  • Develop a vision that lights you up and inspires you.
  • Clarity – Develop a clear, actionable plan that focuses on the most powerful steps
  • Learn how to work with fear & resistance and use it as a tool to help you
  • Breakthrough mental and energetic barriers using practical and “woo” tools (including journaling, EFT/tapping, reiki, affirmations, meditations)
  • Practice living, acting, creating and working in this place of higher level be-ing in a safe environment
  • Connect with community for extra support and encouragement (value: PRICELESS!)
  • Homework for deeper assimilation and transformation


You’re a Woman on Fire if:


  • Life is pretty good, and you feel like you’ve made good progress, but you are finding yourself bumping up some kind of barrier and don’t know what to do next
  • You feel stuck in a run and it frustrates you to feel life and time passing you by
  • You’ve been feeling a powerful call to do more with your life, but either don’t know WHAT to do or don’t know HOW to move forward
  • THIS is the year that everything changes and you choose to live your life fully and on-purpose
  • You’re ready to build massive momentum in your business
  • You love the idea of connecting, sharing and truly supporting other women who are walking similar brave journeys.


Imagine, finally having the support, focus and clarity to step into your purpose-driven life you’ve been dreaming of, with other women to cheer you on!


Whether your dream is about helping more people, traveling the world, teaching what you love, making more money, working less but still making big impact, or sharing and cultivating your gifts and passions in another way, the Woman on Fire Mastermind is here to help you step up to your next-level life.


Woman on Fire Membership Includes:


9 weeks of online, private group support

7 in-person group coaching sessions

7 online group coaching sessions (these cover the same topic as the in-person, recorded for those who can’t attend live)

Weekly Q&A thread in the private group

Weekly Live coaching call to cover additional questions

Homework to support deeper assimilation and transformation


Investment: $1495  Special intro pricing: $495 all-inclusive


Weekly Format

Friday mornings: In-person group coaching sessions

Monday mornings: Online group coaching

All week: Q&A thread

Wednesdays: Live Q&A call


Fall 2018 In-person Group Calendar

In-person meetings take place at private location in Evergreen, Colorado. If you don’t live locally, you can participate in the online group that runs at the same time. Apply below!

Oct 19 – Welcome, Introductions, Visioning, Next Steps

Oct 26 – Foundations – Tapping into Possibility/Divine/Intuition/Guidance

Nov 2 – No meeting this week. Catch-up/Deep dives. Online group support.

Nov 9 – Foundations – Be-ing vs. Do-ing to grow your biz and shift life. Authentic Being + Your Why

Nov 16 – Foundations – Decide + Promise + Commit > Move into expecting/assuming

Nov 30 – Forgiveness + Gratitude – Deeper level healing and taking massive personal responsibility to own deep personal power

Dec 7 – No meeting this week. Catch-up/Deep dives. Online group support.

Dec 14 – Inner warrior: Cultivating confidence, shedding false fears – recognizing and distinguishing mindset truth vs lies

Dec 21* – Last meetup. Special time from 10 – 2. Visioning + Quantum Jumping – Full circle, come back to Be-ing. Next steps, group hugs.


Ready to shine your light, Woman on Fire?

Awesome! I can’t wait to do this with you!


Step 1: APPLY NOW (click me)
Step 2: You’ll hear from Katy within a day or two if you’re IN.
Step 3: Once you’re approved, you’ll get a link to pay and an invite to the private Woman on Fire Facebook group where we’ll start introductions and get to know each other before the main event!

Questions? Shoot ‘em at me!

Check out this video to learn more!

Woman on Fire Group

The Power of Simplicity in Business | Success Mindset for the Entrepreneur

The Power of Simplicity in Business | Success Mindset for the Entrepreneur

As entrepreneurs, we tend to overthink all the aspects of our business.

We want to do things the right way and we want to make an impact and be successful, which is exactly what we should be doing but not when we never think we’re ready or never good enough.

How can we leverage our own strengths instead of forcing methods that don’t make best use of our talents? 

How can you let it be simple today by leveraging your natural strengths and talents and what you already possess?

You are already ready. Check out more in today’s video:

Coach for Women in business

My name is Katy Moses and I work with women like you who are ready to grow your businesses. You are too-often struggling with overwhelm, feeling like you need to incorporate all the things the experts say you should into your to-do list. Instead, I help you work with your unique skills and strengths to better leverage your action-taking and so you can experience real joy in work and life. Receive email updates HERE.

How About a Miracle Today? | Tools for Entrepreneurs

How About A Miracle Today?

Practical “Woo” Tool for Entrepreneurs


This week I’ve been practicing an ‘Hawaiian miracle technique’ and wanted to share it with you all. I LOVE this technique for a few reasons:


#1 It feels like magic (it is making real shifts y’all)

#2 It puts the power – and responsibility – back in our hands

#3 It releases the burden of old pain, anger and hatred quickly and powerfully – like a skilled hairdresser, quickly cutting away years of dead growth, letting the healthy glow-y parts be what remains (emotional decluttering)

#4 It is so, so so simple. (but, depending on the issue, not necessarily easy)


So what is this miraculous technique?

This technique is from ancient Hawaii and it’s called Ho’oponopono – a simple practice based on the idea that we are responsible for everything we think, every person we meet, everything we see and hear, and everything that comes to our attention. Things do not exist “out there” outside of our being, but instead, they exist in our mind. If you can hold the space (even temporarily) for this idea to exist and be true for you, while you do the practice, you’ll start to experience healing for yourself as well as begin to heal others. Take responsibility and ownership for all experiences, people, memories, situations that are a part of your life and then take the next steps to healing.


Here are the steps to the technique:

  • Bring to mind a person, situation or memory that brings you pain, or something you’d like to heal or improve. Imagine it as if it were real and next to you.
  • Say “I’m Sorry”
  • Say “I forgive you” and/or “Please forgive me” (Forgiveness has different meanings in different cultures, so I like to say both.)
  • Say “Thank You”
  • Say “I Love You”


These words above are some of the most powerful words we have in our language.

How often do you say them? How often do you truly, fully mean them when you do say them?


I know that I don’t use them often enough and, when I do, I tend to say them quickly and just try to be done with it because of the intensity.


These words are scary and leave us vulnerable and reveal our hearts and minds. But maybe that’s the goal in this exercise. And maybe that’s the goal in this life.


So, as you use the phrases above, let the words really resonate and be full of power. Even when – especially when – we’re working through situations that make us feel especially angry, sad or frustrated.


The more we can heal those heavy weights from ourselves, the freer we become.


Check out the video for a few more thoughts:


I’d love to hear if you give it a try and what you experience before, during and after.

I hope it helps you at least as much as it’s helped me – please let me know in the comments below!

Will you make this a regular practice?


Here are a couple links if you’d like to dig in to ho’oponopono (it’s a fun word to say out loud!):

Coach for Women in businessMy name is Katy Moses and I work with women like you who are ready to grow your businesses. You are too-often struggling with overwhelm, feeling like you need to incorporate all the things the experts say you should into your to-do list. Instead, I help you work with your unique skills and strengths to better leverage your action-taking and so you can experience real joy in work and life. Receive email updates HERE.

And, if you’re ready to stop feeling stuck and start rocking your business, get support to help you get there with this introductory coaching package: Get Unstuck


Girl talk in the bathroom. Quick deep dive into resistance and success.

Side note: This video was unplanned. As you watch you’ll clearly see this. BUT, I’m a big pusher of inspired action and I believe in walking the talk. This is me taking inspired action. I firmly believe this is a message someone needs to hear, and my job is to set my ego and fear aside and share it. Since you’re here, perhaps it’s you or a friend that is experiencing this struggle of resistance. Please share with them – maybe it’ll make just the right bit of difference for them today. Thank you~ 


Girl Talk in the Bathroom – Let’s Get Real About Resistance and Success. Rebel Tendency

You’re feeling resistance and frustration as you work hard to get some traction in your new-ish business. You’ve done a ton of work – ongoing education, webinars with experts, you’ve purchased top-rated scheduling apps and made a bullet-proof plan – all the things that should be making your business a success, but you are still struggling.

You are too easily distracted, finding busy work and more books and one more marketing class to take. These distractions – even well-intentioned – are getting in your way. Let’s talk about why this is happening and let’s figure out real strategies to help you get out of this stuckness.

The take-aways…

Connect your work with your Why: Uncover your true identity (not your fear-based beliefs) – what is your purpose, your vision and passion? This is the first step in making real change in your mindset, in switching your motivation so that you can work and create in a way that is authentic to you and your core beliefs. This helps to melt away resistance and to energize your creativity.

Please leave a comment and let me know if this strikes a chord with you. You may not be a complete rebel, but I believe we all come up against resistance and this is a technique that will help any of us start to move through it.

And… are you ready for some more tips for dealing with your rebellious self? We can dig into that next.

See you soon!


Coach for Women in businessKaty Moses works with women who are ready to grow their online-based businesses. They are typically struggling with overwhelm, feeling like they need to incorporate all the things the experts say they should into their to-do list. Instead, I help them work with their unique skills and strengths to better leverage their action-taking and so they can experience real joy in work and life. Receive email updates HERE.

And, if you’re ready to stop feeling stuck and start rocking your business, learn more about my latest project, Get Unstuck