Is Your Dream Essential? | Non-Negotiable Success in Business

With RTT you don’t have to waste time with that internal struggle, we bypass the conscious mind and go right to the real brains of the operation – your subconscious. By telling your subconscious mind exactly what you want to be, what you want to do and what you desire to accomplish, your mind and body has no choice but to comply. We can change old damaging patterns, tired limiting beliefs and we can crush the negative gremlins that are keeping you from your brilliant life.

Create vs Consume | Intentional Living

Consume vs Create – this is a constant battle for our time, energy, focus and attention. Are we creating, and sharing, or are we consuming? How do we find the right balance?

Deep Clearing, Releasing + Healing | Project Joy 2 May 2019

This meditation goes deep, helping to fully relax you and then moving through, head to toe, to fully clean and clear all your systems – supporting your immune system, skeletal system, circulatory…

Release Negative Energy Feel Great

Release negative energy and feel great fast. Join Project Joy for a fully guided experience and try a self guided experience below!