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Our Story

katy moses root and rocket

Katy started her own off-the-beaten-path journey, by leaving her successful high-paying career in 2003. She left the bright lights of NYC for the call of the dark skies and the rocky trails in the mountains of Colorado. She didn't have a clear plan, she only knew her inner compass was pointing her in this direction. Over the next two decades, she dove in deep to her inner journey as well as outdoor exploration. She started a new career in photography, winning international awards, capturing the world and faces through her lens. And she explored mind-body practices, becoming a yoga teacher, a reiki master and a practical magic coach. She dove into the power of the subconscious mind, training in and becoming certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy. She found herself facing her biggest challenge yet, becoming a wife and then a mother to three incredible humans. She is motivated by the magic of life, by the tangible feeling of real, meaningful conversations. She loves to play hooky, ignore the arbitrary and to remind herself to always lean into life. She loves to encourage her clients to do that too.  

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Praise and Testimonials

Katy was amazing to work with. After our session I felt more at peace, more ease in my business, and a sense of it all working out in it's own perfect way. I was looking to fill a group program and felt a real sense of calm around it - far from the desperation and anxiety I had felt before!

Jenn H Food Freedom Coach, Colorado

When I contacted Katy, I was having blocks in my business around what other professionals would think of my work when I started putting it out there, trouble sleeping and having the ability to switch off. As entrepreneurs, especially in the start-up phase of business, we have to HUSTLE to get shit out there and it is sometimes hard to find the time to have someone support us energetically, support us emotionally, listed to what is coming up for us and help clear the blocks that are subconsciously holding us back from letting our light shine. Katy gets in there and helps shift blockages to help things flow!

After our sessions I was sleeping a lot better and have started to let go of what I perceive others will think of my work, now all of that precious energy has been put into getting shit done! Thank you Katy, you are a beautiful soul who gives so much. I am so glad our worlds collided. 

Kylianne F Writer, Australia

My session with Katy was a real eye-opener. It was so helpful to have a supportive ear to help me get out of my own (procrastination) way! Katy is super personable and engaged. She is a great listener and posed thought-provoking questions. Together, we came up with a plan which was simple and doable. Just having Katy there to give me the feedback and help with direction was so helpful. I can't believe the value I received in these sessions. So perfect for a jump start and to get grounded and moving forwrad! I know that I throve when there's accountability - so thank you so much Katy! AND, Katy is just an awesome human being in general, she made the sessions fun and light even though we got into some deep stuff.

Dana R. Feng Shui Consultant, California


5 Steps to Create Your Own 

Belief-Shifting Affirmations

From self-doubt and low self-esteem to solid confidence and beautiful, empowered self-worth. This is for you: