1 Killer Action to Turn Your Business Around Quickly

The Power of Doing Less


Hey there, entrepreneur-friend – tell me about that big, long to-do list you have, that includes ALL the things that need to be accomplished in your business. If you’re like me, you have multiple lists in multiple places – in journals, on the backs of a worksheet from that class, in Evernote, Trello…you have a list-making-habit.


These lists include activities like updating our website, reaching out to that person who was interested in learning more about our biz, making new social media posts, responding to that inquiry, figuring out how to link PayPal or Stripe (agh, which one do I choose) to your products and services page. The list feels like it’s ever-expanding and like it has to be comprehensive, complex and we MUST get it all done if we have any hope of not-failing. If can feel like this list has a lot of power…and it can feel overwhelming.


So then, when we sit down to work or when we’re creating our schedule, we see this massive list and we’ll pick an activity to do. What do you find yourself choosing first from this big list?


I’ll bet a bit of money that you choose something like updating your website or writing a blog, or creating a social media post first…or maybe you’ll go do laundry or clean your bathroom? Something that still allows you to be productive while still staying ‘safe’.  And you’ll let other more-scary client-getting activities – things like responding to an inquiry and doing a FB live video slip down to a lower slot on priority ladder. Am I right?


We fill our days with unnecessary busy work because it still feels like we’re doing what we should be doing and that should be good enough… right?


I know what you’re doing because this is too often where I’ve found myself.  


When sitting down to work, I’d look at all the things I needed to get done for my business and I’d choose something important – but something that didn’t reach out to people –  I’d tweak my website and logo endlessly, maybe order business cards and brochures, and I’d never do the more vulnerable scary work like send an email to someone who I was pretty sure I could help, or create that video talking about the work I do with my clients. And you know what? I struggled to get clients. My choices were not serving who I really wanted and I found my savings and confidence dwindling down as I was trying to make my business work.


So here’s the thing I realized: Having the big, comprehensive list is great. It’s good to know what you’d like to accomplish, but from that list you need to choose what is most going to help you step into the life and business you’ve been dreaming about. What choices are going to move you toward the success you want? What are the most potent activities you can do this week and today to grow your business?


Here’s your simple, powerful take-away action-step:


Take 3 things from your big list and make them the only three things you need to accomplish this week. The key is – and here’s where I push your comfort zone – at least 2 of these 3 things need to be about getting more clients and creating a solid foundation for your business. The third thing can be something more administrative, like working on your website or a logo.


How’s that feel when you think about making this 3 Thing to-do list? For me it’s usually a mix of good fear and excitement and relief. Relief in that I only have to do three things, fear in that I’m going to be pushing the limits of my comfort zone with at least 2 of those activities. 


If you need some ideas for client-getting activities, here are a few to get your wheels turning:

  • guest posting on a friend or colleague’s blog
  • being of service – not pitching, being of true, generous service – in Facebook groups
  • referrals from past clients
  • giving free talks in your area
  • following up with warm leads
  • adding a section in your newsletter about working with you
  • sending dedicated pitch emails to your list
  • connecting in person and via phone with colleagues to talk about business and share leads
  • hosting free webinars
  • add your business information in my email signature
  • sending quality, free content to your email list, on a regular basis


Which of these activities feel do-able and like something you could easily start with to get the ball rolling? Star, circle, highlight, make notes about those that spark your interest. Again, use the following questions as a filter – the more honest you can be, the more quickly you can turn things around:

  • What is most going to help you step into the life and business you’ve been dreaming about?
  • What choices are going to move you toward the success you want?
  • What are the most potent activities you can do this week and today to grow your business?


The idea of the 3 Things List is to help you simplify, reduce overwhelm and really assess where you’re putting your energy. In truth, it’s helping you prioritize the actions that are going to make the biggest impact in your business – and it probably means you’ll be doing 2 more REAL client-getting activities that you would have in a busy-work-only week.


When you can do less of the busy work and do just a few real ‘scary’ activities every week, you’re going to start seeing real results.


This is where your business starts to turn around and where you get a taste of the success that has felt out of reach despite all the hours you’ve been putting in. You don’t have to burn yourself out to be successful and you don’t have to have your public image (website, social media, etc) perfect before you get started.


Start by getting into more conversations with people, use your gifts and passions to help them and be open to inviting them to work with you and to enjoy an amazing experience as your client and as your customer.


You have so much to offer your peeps. Make it easier for them to find you, know you, like you and trust you, because that’s when the fun magic happens on both sides and they gladly buy from you. Let’s allow more of this good stuff in.


So, before you move on – what are the 3 Things you’re committing to this week?


Be sure to comment below with your list of 3 Things and if you found this helpful, please share it!



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