5 THINGS LIST – And an excuse for more pumpkin spice

A week of rest and restoration

Hi friend!

How’s your week going? Are you noticing the energy is feeling a little off? 

I’ve been feeling that way and I assumed it was the sick 3yo that I’ve been spending a lot of quality time with, but when I shared it with a friend she just shook her head and said, “No, that’s the full moon hangover.” 

Apparently it’s not just me feeling this way. Whatever the reason, I hope you’re taking advantage of this lower energy time to rest and take good care of you. My money is on a prescription for more pumpkin spice. 🙂 

That said, it does feel like there is a lot of goodness in the air as well, and I hope you’re feeling that too. 

So with that, I’ll share a few of the good things that I’m seeing this week. I’ll give you the quick list here and, if you like details, keep on reading for those below!

5 Fun Things for This Week

1. ENTREPRENEUR ALCHEMY LAB | We kicked off the Entrepreneur Alchemy Lab sessions last week and have had two wonderful weeks, building community and diving into some important entrepreneur topics (like success mindset). Join us next Tuesday! Grab your spot and get reminders HERE

2. DANCING IN THE RAIN | I’ve started tap dancing (again)!

3. IS LOVE BLIND? | Love is Blind on Netflix has me totally sucked in. The premise is SO interesting and I’m hooked on seeing how successful – or not – these relationships turn out. Will they make it to the wedding??? I’m glad someone else is living that drama so I don’t have to. 🙂 

4. LIVING LIKE A LEGEND | What would it look like if I were living at my growth edge – pushing through my comfort zone? What would it look like if my life – and your life – were more LEGENDARY? Breaking through the barriers of the comfort zone into next-level, joyful, you-at-your-best? (Video with details HERE)

5. BEING A CALM MOM (is that an oxymoron?) | I’m learning so much about peaceful parenting with my friend and colleague, Leora Immanuel. If you’re looking to feel more calm + confident in your parenting, please join her upcoming training event. Every time she shares, I pick up a gold nugget about how I can show up and be a better version of myself for my own sake as well as for the rest of my family. Time with Leora is always time well-spent. (Reserve your spot in next week’s – totally FREE – training HERE)

Here’s the BIG scoop 🙂

I love my friends who like to dig in and find out more of what’s going on behind the scenes and the bigger reasons for WHY this particular top 5 list might emerge… So let’s go!


Entrepreneur Alchemy Lab! We’ve had 2 weekly EAL meetings so far and I’m so impressed by the women who’ve shown up to help shape this community – to share, to learn and to support each other in our continued growth and success.

The first week was about getting to know each other and talking about the direction we want to take the group. This week we talked about mindset – fixed, growth and success mindset – and we made plans for incorporating that into our days this week, so we could find baby-step ways to uplevel our thinking, acting and results.

While I’m holding space for and organizing this group, my intention is that it always meets what you most need and want in real time.

So if you have something pressing that you need help with – a tough client, mindset issue, not knowing how to handle a sales convo, etc – we can speak to that and you get the benefit of the mastermind. When more than one mind comes together the magic that can be created becomes multiplied.

Please join us if you’re looking for some support on your entrepreneurial journey. And if “entrepreneur” is different for you – maybe you’re an artist, healer, yoga practitioner, brick-and-mortar business owner, leading a non-profit… In other words, if you’re a woman who is creating/offering something that’s incredibly personal, something that you’re passionate about, something that you are offering to others in exchange for money, this space is for you.

We meet Tuesdays at 8:30am mountain/7:30 pacific/9:30 central/10:30 eastern/3:30pm London/10:30pm Perth, AU

Reserve your seat and get reminders by clicking HERE . Hot tip: when you’re booking and selecting your date, you can click on ‘recurring’ and choose upcoming dates for at least the next 2 months.


I’ve started tap dancing (again!). And it’s not very pretty – not yet, but I’m working on it.

As a kid I did dance every week – tap, jazz and ballet. While I enjoyed it, it always felt more routine and like I was in my head a lot, trying to keep up with the choreography. I wish I knew what I know now and had allowed myself to practice and practice to the point where I could really embody the movement.

Do you know what I mean? Get myself to the place where I don’t have to think so hard about the moves I’m doing, but can really feel into them. That’s what a lot of practice can do – repeat, repeat, repeat so you don’t have to think so hard and you can instead find more playful joy, feeling into the music and riffing as well.

I learned this playing basketball in middle and high school. I’d go out and shoot, practice various moves, over and over again, all so that when it was game time, I could play with instinct, not thinking. That said, I didn’t realize what I was doing then and still spent way too much time overthinking things.

Though that may be true for every teenage girl?

So with this understanding, and with A LOT of years between dance, basketball and now, I’m taking a different approach to my tap dancing. We only have in-person class once a week, so I’m practicing on my own (most) days and am letting myself slow down and repeat the steps over and over again. I’m noticing I’m feeling into the moves more, even when I’m not practicing. If I’m standing around, I’ll imagine my feet going through the moves.

Tip for learning to tap dance, whether you have an in-person option or not: YouTube! I’ve found some good warm-up videos and some beginner choreography to good music that I can repeat as much as I want, slow down and have fun with, on my own time.

Have you done anything like this in your adulthood? I’d love to read your stories in the comments below!


Love is Blind on Netflix! Gah – I’m usually doing all I can to avoid too much screen time, but I’m getting sucked into this show.

The premise is that they start with 15 men and 15 women and they meet in these “pods”, where they’re chatting 1-to-1 – with a divider between them – so they can talk, but can’t see each other. It seems like they have no devices with them, so their best options are to go on these pod-dates or hang out with same-sex peers in the common rooms.

They have about two weeks getting to know each other, and hours each day to chat. They have journals where they can take notes on everyone and they get to a point where they weed out people who aren’t a match and they’re only talking to one or two people that they’re really interested in.

If they get to a point where they believe they fall in love, they can propose to each other and then move onto phase 2, which is where they get to meet in person, briefly.

This part is always fun – the big reveal – because you can see how often people are blown away by how people meet/don’t meet their expectations. The good news is that none of these people straight-up rejected the other at first sight. There are some definite wobbles, but nobody ran away in the moment.

THEN they move onto the retreat, where they’re together for a few days in Mexico. They start getting tested for what life is like beyond just conversation and finding where the physical issues come into play. For some, the physical aspect totally enhances things, for others, it throws them off. Like Natalie, who thinks her fiancee is ‘too hot’ and she’s kinda intimidated by it.

THEN it’s time for ‘real life’. After the tropical retreat, they get a few weeks of living together, day in, day out, meeting the families, finding closet space, arguing about which way the toilet paper roll should go.

Will the bond they formed in the pod be strong enough to get them through all the real world issues? Surprisingly, it seems to pull people through issues that I would have guessed would have been deal-breakers more than once.

This is as far as I’ve watched and we’re about a week out until the weddings. Of course, since it’s a reality show, the producers do things like invite all the participants to come together so they can see the other people they met in the pods and bring some drama that way.

Overall, I love this premise of starting a relationship where you talk a lot and get to know each other that way, without physical appearance playing into any of it. (Though we know that since it’s a show, everyone is going to meet a basic level of good-looking, right?) I’ll be curious to see who makes it to the “finish line”, which, for those of us who have been married, we know that’s just the beginning.

Have you watched Love at First Sight? What do you think??


LEGENDARY YOU… I love a good challenge. And I love a good question. I love a question that challenges the brain – gets it flexing to find a new, creative or innovative solution.

Recently, I was met with the question: If you had to create a $100,000 offer, what would that look like?

Immediately my brain started spinning into stuffing it full of ALL.THE.THINGS I can possibly offer. It included a bunch of sessions – reiki, yoga, visioning, rapid transformational therapy, coaching, cultivating intuition, etc. I was stuffing it like a Christmas stocking – full of random and not necessarily helpful stuff.

Then the question-asker stopped me in my wheel-spinning and said: DO NOT just stuff a bunch of things into this (Caught red-handed! Ha!). What she wanted me to focus on instead was the RESULT, the TRANSFORMATION I was offering. What could I offer that would bring a $100k result and transformation to someone? Don’t fill it with stuff – instead, make it powerful, transformative and – this has been a mental gymnastic exercise – make it efficient and take less time.

This has really got my wheels spinning in a good way and I realized an even more important question:

In delivering a $100k offer, who am I BEING? How am I showing up? Who am I serving? What are my thoughts, my beliefs? What is my energy like? What am I doing and prioritizing that’s different than what I’m currently doing and prioritizing?

THIS set of questions immediately brought me into a space where I could see much more possibility for options for my future, where I could feel my energy shifting and my mind expanding. I could see and begin to feel into this vision of a LEGENDARY me.

And I started asking myself: What would it take to make this a reality?

And my mind brought the answers. It will take:

  • changing my subconscious beliefs about what is possible and how I can show up
  • expanding my thoughts into ones that are more creative and innovative and can see possibility, always
  • acting in a way that matches these leadership shifts in my beliefs and thoughts. showing up bravely, confident in my mission, my purpose
  • maintaining good energy hygiene. high vibes only, please! prioritizing self-care, time for restoration and calm, time for creativity and play so I can show up in my high-vibe self and attract high-vibe people and opportunities

These are a few of the points to focus on to shift into this legendary space and I know it’s entirely do-able.

And I know it’s not only possible for me, but it’s possible for you. In fact I know it’s more possible for you than for me, because for some reason it’s always SO MUCH EASIER to see those possibilities for you than it is for myself.

What thoughts and feelings is this bringing up as you read through this?

Does this feel like truth – like a possibility – for you?

Do you feel curious about what the Legendary version of you looks like?

Are you interested in talking about this more? I’d love to hear more about your thoughts, what feels interesting and what feels SCARY (because 100% this kind of uplevelling can push our buttons – bye bye old, stinky comfort zone!)…

Let’s talk and see what that can look like for you. I made a video HERE where I talk about LEGENDARY YOU some more and if you’re ready to hop on a quick no-strings-attached call so we can spark some ideas around who LEGENDARY YOU might be, book that call HERE.


End Motherhood Overwhelm with Leora Immanuel Leora and I met in an entrepreneurial masterminding-type of group. We are both moms to young kids and have similar challenges with juggling life and business.

How do you get ALL THE THINGS done without losing your $#it? This is a question I’ve been asked more than once, particularly in the last couple years of covid-remote-and-homeschooling.

The truth is, it’s not easy. And full honesty, there have been days I’ve lost it. For me, I had to learn to dial back my expectations for myself and for my kids by a LOT.

I had to let go of perfect and had to embrace simple, foundational aspects. For me, that meant cultivating good relationships with each kid. A relationship that was fun, respectful and kind. A relationship where we could share honestly and ask for what we needed.

From that foundation, we made our way through day by day.

Knowing what I know now, I really wish I’d had a guide, mentor, coach like Leora at the beginning of the covid roller coaster, showing me a better way, so I didn’t have so much trial-and-error and feeling in the dark about how to be a good parent.

And I want this for you. I want you to have a full toolbox full of ways to improve your relationship with your kid(s), with yourself, so you can feel you best and help your kids to truly thrive, no matter what challenges they face.

Next week Leora is doing a training that will help you:

  • FEEL IN CONTROL OF YOURSELF so that you can be present to enjoy your kids while they’re still little
  • FIND TIME for it all so you have more than enough energy to be the attuned, peaceful parent you want to be.
  • CREATE CONSISTENT CALM AT HOME even when things don’t go as planned and despite the crazy world we live in.

If you’re ready to have more patience, more cooperation and more calm at home…

Leora created this free training especially for you – so that you can end the overwhelm in your life right now!

Your family deserves to have the best you! This training is going to be life-changing for you and your family. Sign up for her upcoming training today – CLICK HERE


You’re amazing – if you read this far, you likely have a good sense for how my brain works – so many different things inspire me and I hope they inspire you as well.

My cliff’s notes summary:

  1. Dance to your heart’s content. In all the ways, make more time for play and explore your edges.
  2. Community as an entrepreneur is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. In my 20+ years of having different businesses, and trying for too long to go it alone, my biggest breakthroughs came when I leaned into like-minded community.
  3. You are so much more powerful than you know. You’ve tapped into a tiny fraction of your true potential. What else is waiting for you when you pause, take a breath, look around and consider that you can choose an entirely different way of being (YOU AS LEGEND is SOOOO SEXY)
  4. Similar to community for entrepreneurship, finding community and expert mentorship as a mom is so important. A well-timed mom friend saved my sanity – and possibly my life – without ever knowing it. You don’t have to go it alone.

Thank you so much for being here and reading this epic-length post. As least it’s shorter than the Odyssey. And hopefully a wee bit easier to read.

Sending you so much love and be sure to keep in touch.

Please comment with your thoughts and questions and reach out to me if you’d like to take the conversation further. You can email me here:

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