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Hi, I’m Katy. Welcome and thanks for being here.

I help women stop feeling stuck in their business and life. I help them instead tap into and harness their inner power, wisdom and ability so they can do the work that matters to them – and the world – and make great impact and great money.

If you find yourself struggling with…

  • Feeling stuck, playing small and you’re sick and tired of it.
  • Feeling frustrated by your lack of progress.
  • Wanting to make more money.
  • And wanting your work to make real impact on the world.

…you’re in the right place

Picture It:

Having complete confidence and clarity on your next, most potent steps.
Staying present in the moment, calm and in control of your mind, following through on your plans.
Making real money every month that helps you not only pay off debts, but also enjoying travel and rich life experiences with those you love.
Confidently speaking up and sharing what you know and love, helping your clients and helping make the world a better place through your work.

How do we do it?

The Rapid Transformational Experience delivers FAST transformation and results in an encouraging + supportive environment. I know you are hungry for deep, lasting change. You’re ready to uplevel your life and biz and income TODAY (or yesterday?). You don’t want to waste time on slow-moving classes or programs that only scratch the surface.

Let’s get started!

If you don’t see a time that works for you, drop me a note: katy@katymoses.com

Why work with me?
I created the Rapid Transformational Experience because I found my clients kept falling into the same pattern of stalling out, frustrated with their lack of progress.

They were stuck – blocked – second-guessing their actions, hiding their light from the world, feeling like success was unattainable. Feeling like wealth was unattainable. Feeling like what they wanted was just out-of-reach.

They were playing small and staying safe. Basically wasting their precious time and life, letting fear and doubt win.

I knew there had to be a better way – a way to get past old beliefs that lead to self-sabotage and limiting behavior.

A way to stop wasting time.

A way to change beliefs so their success becomes non-negotiable.

And there IS a better way!

I found that with a unique combination of methods, including Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching, harnessing the power of the subconscious mind, to rewire, shape and direct the conscious mind and our beliefs and actions is the fastest path to real transformation.

And you can have this transformation for yourself!

Let’s shake off the old musty, dusty, tired blanket of old beliefs and slip into our magical, sparkly energy, superhero, comfy-yet-crazy-flattering yoga clothes of kick-butt success.

Feeling ready?

Want to connect through email instead? katy@katymoses.com

simplify do less more power

Want to know more about me? Here are a few fun facts:

I live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with my husband, three sweet kids and an unruly chihuahua.

I love being outside on the trails. I love photography, creating art and yoga. I’d kayak every day if I could (flat water, mostly).

I love chocolate (dark), fresh-baked bread, and coffee + walking with friends.

Evergreen Lake Retreat Business Coach
Skipping rocks at Evergreen Lake

My studies and work experiences are varied, but intertwine beautifully to create lovely depth, texture and richness.

I believe each element helps me better understand the journey of my clients and gives me access to the most powerful tools.

These experiences include earning a BFA at Kansas University, with continuing design-intensive studies with a master’s program in Milan, Italy. I completed a 300 hour teacher training in vinyasa yoga. I am a reiki master and award-winning photographer. I owned and managed a coworking space and loved to host and lead workshops for local business owners. I worked for architecture firms in NYC, have taught yoga in unexpected locations, photographed thousands of faces and flowers, fought for the rights of trafficked children.

Hiking in Colorado Retreat
Chihuahua on the rocks

I have owned my own business since 2001 and while it’s not been the SAME business all those years, I’ve been deeply immersed in all things entrepreneur. I’ve shared my heart, my talents, my strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve become a huge advocate for other women who choose to follow the call that’s been placed on their heart – to create, share, help, innovate, influence, impact, lead, encourage.

Ready for your next step? Let’s connect – drop me a note: katy@katymoses.com

Kt loves you
xo, Kt