Staying True to You In Business

As a creative person, a writer, a business person, you show up in a unique and brave way, every day. Staying true to yourself, your passion and your gifts can feel impossible. This world bombards with “perfect-life” comparison, should-do’s for a “successful” business and to-do lists that are designed by someone else for someone else.


Today’s mediation/healing is designed to help us release the expectations we have of others and the expectations others have of us. Let’s take 15 minutes to get back to center and get ready to step forward, with our true self. 

I hope this healing supports you and helps you feel better today. If you’d like more of this, I have a couple great places for you to join me:

  1. Join our free FB community: Business As Yousual and we’ll regularly dive into topics that we face in our daily lives as artists and entrepreneurs, as people who want to make a positive impact on the world. We have a live webinar coming up soon (I don’t have a date yet, it’s a new group and I need some of you beautiful people in it before I do any events!), so join the group for updates. 
  2. Join Project Joy: If you know you want more of this healing and support, and want it more regularly, and more specifically to what you’re going through, join Project Joy. This is a paid membership group that supports healing and continued healing, layer by layer. I believe this regular work supports deeper and more transformational progress. I’ll talk about Project Joy more in the upcoming webinar in the free FB group, Business As Yousual, so be sure to join that group! 

I’d love to hear how this healing meditation felt for you. Please comment below, or send me a note:

With Gratitude,


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