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create consume entrepreneur productivity successConsume vs Create

Consuming vs creating – which do you find yourself doing more?

Take this simple quiz to find out:

1. Do you spend more of your day reading articles, checking out YouTube videos, scrolling through social media posts, watching mindless TV?

2. Or, do you spend more time creating art, writing posts, sharing ideas, plugging away at self-directed or collaborative projects, etc?

Most of us have some kind of mix of both in our days – that’s totally normal. But my challenge to myself – and to you, if you’ll join me – is to shift to spending more time in creation over consumption.

Some easy ways to make it happen:
  • if taking a class, take notes and after the class write about what you learned and how you can use information in the future.
  • carve out international time to create some kind of art – sing, dance, paint, doodle, photograph. If you need some guidance, find a YouTube video and sing, dance, paint along with the presenter.
  • journal. Capture bits of inspiration, ideas that sound interesting, write through a challenge you’re facing.
  • share/teach. You are a wealth of knowledge and experience. What do you want other people to know? How can you help?
Step Into Action

I’d love to hear about you and if you’re up for the challenge to increase the amount of time you spend creating.

Especially for entrepreneurs who often get stuck feeling they need to take one more class, master one more thing (into seeming perpetuity), I challenge you.

The more you can create – and share – the more your business will thrive and, for all of us, entrepreneur or not, this means a life more fully lived.

Discover and share that awesome sauce that’s inside you.

xo, Katy

Katy Moses coaching
My name is Katy Moses and I work with women like you who are ready to grow your businesses in your own way. You are too-often struggling with overwhelm, feeling like you need to incorporate all the things the experts say you should into your to-do list. Instead, I help you work with your unique skills and strengths to better leverage your action-taking and so you can experience real joy in work and life. Receive email updates HERE.


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