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Deep relaxation healing audio meditation reiki Katy Moses

Deep, Complete Relaxation

In this week’s Project Joy healing audio, we bring our listeners to a place of beautiful, calmness – feeling relaxed and refreshed.

This healing is a perfect one to listen to before bed or anytime you feel stress or tension trying to take up residence in your body. Enjoy a beautiful, golden, warm reiki healing flow over the top of your head and down, around and through your body. The warm flow moves into tight muscles, finding any areas that need relaxation, or areas that are experiencing pain or illness and brings healing to them. This helps calm and restore all your physical and energy systems, bringing them into alignment, helping you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Out of 1-10, how would you rate your typical levels of stress or anxiety? How would it feel to have the guided support to have them melted away, and turned waaaaay down, so you can live, create, work and love in a simple, calm, powerful and authentic way?

I give you that support every week through these custom, unique Project Joy healing audio meditations. To listen to the audio and receive the reiki healing, join us in the Project Joy group (sign up HERE).

Take a Moment to Move into Relaxation

If you’d like to try a super-mini-version on your own, you can start here, and follow the simple steps.

  1. Find a place to sit, feet on the floor, back nice and straight (don’t lean into back of chair), or lay down on a bed, couch or yoga mat.
  2. Take some nice deep breaths, into your belly (you can rest your hands on your belly)
  3. Imagine there is a warm, golden light shining down from above and it flows down and around your body, soaking in through your skin into every part of your body
  4. Notice this warmth moving into any knots, or tight spots (imagine breathing into these spots for additional relaxation)
  5. Continue feeling the warmth and relaxation soaking in and continue moving the breath and warmth around your body until you feel completely relaxed.

I hope this helps you today – have an amazing day!

Join us!

To learn more about Project Joy and how you can have access to this ongoing self-care and reiki healing support, click HERE.

Be sure to comment below and share about your super-mini-version (but still powerful!) Relaxation experience!

xo, Katy

P.S. Wondering how Project Joy works?

Every week we have a new theme that supports us feeling our best, living, working and creating as our authentic, joyful selves. Then we mix it all up with reiki healing, which helps to supercharge these themes, helping us to feel the shifts physically,  mentally and energetically, so we can integrate them more fully into our days. The weekly healings encourage and support us in living fully and freely, with ease and joy, sharing our unique gifts with the world. We are making greater impact with our lives, week by week.

Katy Moses coaching
My name is Katy Moses and I work with women like you who are ready to grow your businesses in your own way. You are too-often struggling with overwhelm, feeling like you need to incorporate all the things the experts say you should into your to-do list. Instead, I help you work with your unique skills and strengths to better leverage your action-taking and so you can experience real joy in work and life. Receive email updates HERE.


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