Welcome to your meditation.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious or just like there’s a lot of negativity coming your way, this audio meditation will help you get back to your center, feeling grounded, encouraged, supported.

Use this anytime you’d like to raise your vibration.

You can either sit or lay down as you listen to the audio. Click the arrow below to get started.

Needing more options to let go of anxiety? HERE are a few more:

6 Ways to Quickly Diffuse Anxiety

And here is some relaxing nature imagery:


Katy Moses is a Rapid Transformational Therapy certified practitioner based in Evergreen, Colorado. She’s available for both online and (limited) in-person sessions.

Katy works with women-in-business, helping them break free of the negative voice in their head, so they can feel better and can think and plan more clearly and effectively. Working with Katy and in harnessing their powerful subconscious mind, these women make more consistent income, attract better clients and opportunities. They’re doing work they love and living a full, rich life.

In addition, Katy works with children, teens and tweens, helping them navigate the roads of childhood that lead them to feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control. These kids are feeling the weight of peer pressure and real and imagined expectations from their friends, classmates, teachers, coaches and parents. She helps them find confidence in who they are, trusting that they are enough as they are so they can cultivate tremendous coping skills, develop grit and tenacity and relax and actually enjoy the gifts of a happy childhood!

Connect with Katy here: katy@katymoses.com