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Make Your Success Necessary and Mandatory


I’m currently listening to Brendon Burchard’s book, “High Performance Habits.” In this he lists several habits that are essential and non-negotiable for the kick arse folks of the world.

The one habit that grabbed me right away was the Habit of Necessity.

What this Habit of Necessity means is that your dream is no longer optional – it is required, it is essential, it is real.

I see a lot of people (including myself) making or breaking success with this one habit. Because if you don’t make your dream necessary, it’s too easy to let distraction in. In the book, he has several good ideas for approaching this from multiple angles.

It’s important to start with these questions before doing the action steps he recommends:

Is what I want to do and create – Necessary for me and my life?

Is it essential?

Is it non-negotiable?

MUST it happen?

Is it big enough?

Is it important enough?

Does my life or others’ lives depend on it?

Am I sure?




Do NOT underestimate the power of your purpose and the potential you have to impact this world.

Your dream and vision does not have to be crazy or huge or monumental. It can be quiet and simple and it can still change the world in its way.  

But whether it’s big, hairy and audacious or small and sweet….


If it’s taking the time to tug on your heart, to inspire you to dream, it’s worth it to make it real.

So I get it, Katy. My dream is important, I really really want to make it real, but I just can’t make it happen.

So what’s my problem? Why can’t I follow through on my dream?

Ah, follow through. Why is it we can KNOW in our minds that we really want to do something, but seem to lack the required persistence to make it happen? We can come up with excuses all day – no time, no money, no energy, etc.

But here’s the main issue:

The disconnect between the dream and the reality happens when we don’t value ourselves enough. When we don’t trust ourselves. When we let doubt and the voices of those who don’t know better to sway us. We doubt our power. We doubt the gift that is this one, precious life.

What is it calling to you right now? What do you want to do with your life that you’ve been holding back on?

So how can you stop pushing it away and instead embrace this potential?

You need to believe it is necessary and essential. You need to have faith in yourself and your heart. Faith that something, someone bigger than you is feeding you awesome bits of inspiration.

And then light it up. Build the vision around you. Assume that your dream is real and you have no other option than success. All you need is the fire, the fuel of necessity to push things forward. Everything else will fall into place when you make your dream non-negotiable and start taking action.


If you need help in this – help in developing your vision, help in getting your mind and actions on board with your desires (gremlins much?) – I can make this a fun and powerful process for you.

Because it’s one thing to decide what you want, but it’s an entirely different thing to BELIEVE it and make it NON-NEGOTIABLE. But this is where we bring in the magic of science to help you.

Using both coaching support and Rapid Transformational Therapy I can help you get crystal clear on your vision and your desires and can help guide you to beautiful, simple and powerful inside-out alignment. Helping you develop new habits of thought that support your new habits of action, that take you towards your dreams.

Stop the mental wrestling and stop beating yourself up. Stop the brain damage. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can do this. I can help you let go of the struggle and move into the free, powerful feeling that comes when you’re living your life on purpose, in a way that lifts both you and others.

With RTT you don’t have to waste time with that internal struggle, we bypass the conscious mind and go right to the real brains of the operation – your subconscious. By telling your subconscious mind exactly what you want to be, what you want to do and what you desire to accomplish, your mind and body has no choice but to comply. We can change old damaging patterns, tired limiting beliefs and we can crush the negative gremlins that are keeping you from your brilliant life.

Connect with me and let’s make a plan for your transformation. Send a note:
katy@katymoses.com, or send a message via WhatsApp.

Learn more about Rapid Transformational Therapy and how it can help you HERE.

Let’s make this year the year you finally make your dream and your success a reality.

Katy Moses coaching
My name is Katy Moses and I work with women like you who are ready to grow your businesses in your own way. You are too-often struggling with overwhelm, feeling like you need to incorporate all the things the experts say you should into your to-do list. Instead, I help you work with your unique skills and strengths to better leverage your action-taking and so you can experience real joy in work and life. Receive email updates HERE.


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