How About A Miracle Today?

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This week I’ve been practicing an ‘Hawaiian miracle technique’ and wanted to share it with you all. I LOVE this technique for a few reasons:


#1 It feels like magic (it is making real shifts y’all)

#2 It puts the power – and responsibility – back in our hands

#3 It releases the burden of old pain, anger and hatred quickly and powerfully – like a skilled hairdresser, quickly cutting away years of dead growth, letting the healthy glow-y parts be what remains (emotional decluttering)

#4 It is so, so so simple. (but, depending on the issue, not necessarily easy)


So what is this miraculous technique?

This technique is from ancient Hawaii and it’s called Ho’oponopono – a simple practice based on the idea that we are responsible for everything we think, every person we meet, everything we see and hear, and everything that comes to our attention. Things do not exist “out there” outside of our being, but instead, they exist in our mind. If you can hold the space (even temporarily) for this idea to exist and be true for you, while you do the practice, you’ll start to experience healing for yourself as well as begin to heal others. Take responsibility and ownership for all experiences, people, memories, situations that are a part of your life and then take the next steps to healing.


Here are the steps to the technique:

  • Bring to mind a person, situation or memory that brings you pain, or something you’d like to heal or improve. Imagine it as if it were real and next to you.
  • Say “I’m Sorry”
  • Say “I forgive you” and/or “Please forgive me” (Forgiveness has different meanings in different cultures, so I like to say both.)
  • Say “Thank You”
  • Say “I Love You”


These words above are some of the most powerful words we have in our language.

How often do you say them? How often do you truly, fully mean them when you do say them?


I know that I don’t use them often enough and, when I do, I tend to say them quickly and just try to be done with it because of the intensity.


These words are scary and leave us vulnerable and reveal our hearts and minds. But maybe that’s the goal in this exercise. And maybe that’s the goal in this life.


So, as you use the phrases above, let the words really resonate and be full of power. Even when – especially when – we’re working through situations that make us feel especially angry, sad or frustrated.


The more we can heal those heavy weights from ourselves, the freer we become.


Check out the video for a few more thoughts:


I’d love to hear if you give it a try and what you experience before, during and after.

I hope it helps you at least as much as it’s helped me – please let me know in the comments below!

Will you make this a regular practice?


Here are a couple links if you’d like to dig in to ho’oponopono (it’s a fun word to say out loud!):

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  • Hi, Katy! Yes – this is a great practice! Thank you for sharing. If I’m feeling nervous about a situation, this is a great thing to say in my head before entering the room. It prepares me to see people as people. Here’s what I say: “I’m sorry, I love you, please forgive me, thank you for understanding.” It’s like it clears out some negative emotions so I can be me and so I can see others and we can have a genuine meeting.

    • I love this, Jeanette! What a beautiful practice and I’m sure it makes all the difference in having a more easy, authentic connection with others. Thanks for sharing your technique!

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