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How the heck are you? How’s life? What’s going on that is lighting you up right now?

I’m writing to check in and see how you’re doing and to let you know what’s going on over here, on my side of the blog. 🙂

And to share my updates, I’ll give ya a 5-point numbered list. This is for those of us who like our info short, clear and bullet-pointed.

Top 5 List of Fun Life + Biz Updates

And for those who like more in-depth info, I’ll share those ramblings down below (I’ll sprinkle in some photos so you can see what we’ve been up to as well).

  1. After 2.5 years of homeschooling, the kids are back in school!
  2. I’ve recently certified in Practical Magic Facilitation and Coaching!
  3. I wrote a (fiction) book!
  4. I’m learning Numerology!
  5. Starting next week you can join me and other like-minded female entrepreneurs for our first Entrepreneur Alchemy Laboratory Sessions! (skip to the bottom if you want these details asap – we start Tues Oct 4)

That’s it in a nutshell!

For my TL/DR friends: Comment below and let me know what’s new for you!

And here’s the deeper story, as promised, for those who are interested…

1. The Kids

So, yes – HOORAY – the kids are back in school. Starting the pandemic with a 14 month-old, 8 and 10 year-old was definitely a challenge. The first half year we attempted remote schooling, which was helpful in increasing the big kids fluency with computers and the internet. The downside was that they became pretty fluent (read: developed addictive behaviors) with computers and the internet and gaming.

After 6 months of doing our best with remote learning, we made the full jump into homeschooling, something I’d always been interested in trying.

We had so much fun, taking field trips, nature hikes, photo adventures and deep diving into subjects that we found interesting, especially in the areas of science, invention and innovation.

Last spring, we decided we’d get the kids back in school, if we could find a school that was a good fit. Both older kids seemed ready for more structure and more socializing and we wanted to honor that desire.

We were lucky enough to find a school that was on the same page values-wise and the kids – all three – are back in full day, all day school and loving their teachers, the opportunities in these incredible classrooms and making new friends.

I’m so grateful to have had the flexibility with my work to have taken that time to homeschool. The time we had together was priceless and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. That said, I’m also so grateful to have them back in a supportive environment so I can bring my attention back to me and to the calling that’s on my heart to do the work I love to do.

I’m back to working with incredible entrepreneurs, artists and healers, supporting them so they can bring their work and light in a more impactful way.

“Home” school with the kids

2. Practical Magic Facilitation & Coaching

Who wouldn’t benefit from developing their intuitive skills in greater depth?

That’s the question that brought me to the answer that is Kate Taylor and her beautiful Practical Magic cards and her Practical Magic Facilitation and Coaching program. Kate is like this disco-ball of delightful English energy – bringing her passion and attention-to-detail to everything she does.

Check out these cards that she co-created with her partner-in-biz Mat Taylor! So cool, right? Not your typical cards you’d see in a reading.

In her training, we learned how to use the cards to facilitate peoples’ connection with their own deepest wisdom, intuition and to apply that in all the ways. From helping people find an immediate answer to a question, to helping them map out the next 12 months in their business, to creating a balanced wheel-of-life, the possibilities are endless.

I love bringing these cards into my work as a way to support my people in accessing their unique, deepest truth, so they are guided back to a beautiful, inside-out wisdom. I use these both as part of a regular coaching session, or as a more in-depth workshop, where we can map out life and business goals. They’re SO FUN and so beautiful to have in-hand.

If you’re interested in playing with these in a session, let me know! (Hot tip: They’re great to use in a Golden Hour session)

3. I wrote a book!

I did, and honestly, I still kinda can’t believe it. That was one of the bucket list things I’ve been wanting to do for 20+ years. And I made it happen, somehow, even with all three kids at home and keeping my business going at a minimal level.

If you’re interested in learning about how I brought this book into reality and if it is helpful to know the tips and tricks I recommend so you can write your own book, let me know. I’m happy to share, but that info needs to be its own separate blog series (or web call)… or book (yikes!).

The two big shifts that I had to embrace were 1. writing a book is a marathon mindset, not a sprint (at least for a 343 page (!!) book) and 2. let go of perfection and feeling the pressure to get it perfect. DO NOT edit as you go. You – or someone else – can do that at the end. Those two tips will take you far.

You can actually READ this book as it’s been published and available for sale on Amazon. Read the description and grab your copy HERE.

My first proof copy of my Loon Lake book!

4. I’m learning Numerology!

Okay, tell me I’m not the only one obsessed with those personality quizzes and various archetypes?? From the Myers-Briggs to the Enneagram to The Four Tendencies and more, I think we’re all pretty into learning more about what we’re made of, what moves us and what our core strengths are.

This is what drew me to numerology, a method of learning more about ourselves that doesn’t require a quiz. With a quiz, our answers might change from day-to-day, while numerology simply looks at the numbers that are already present in your world.

One fun thing I learned about myself is that my Life Path number is 33. My teacher tells me this is a rare number and is said to be the “Jesus number” – it has the master teacher energy, it can channel divine wisdom, is compassionate, a healer, transformative and inspirational when it’s in its healthy expression.

For those of you that know me, I’m curious if you’d immediately see these qualities in me? For me, I recognize them, but haven’t always embraced them or put them front-and-center. I mean, look what happened to Jesus when he showed up as his full, awesome self! It’s a little daunting to be given such an energy.

And at the same time I recognize this is the energy that calls me out, again and again and is pulling me towards greatness. I think so many of us have natural energies like this within us, calling us forward. But they can be scary when we don’t understand them or can’t identify them.

If you’re interested in learning your Life Path number, shoot me an email ( with your full birthdate and let’s play. Let’s see if learning more about these energies helps empower you to be more of who you are.

So that’s just a handful of what’s going on here. It’s been a long time since I’ve touched base with you, so it was hard to choose what to include, but I thought those ones were nice and spicy for y’all.

Transitioning into my last update, let’s talk about the big picture for a sec.

The beginning of this decade has been memorable, hasn’t it?

It’s been a pivotal few years for me as well as for most of the people in business that I’ve been chatting with. And it doesn’t feel like things are going to “settle” anytime soon, does it?

The world needs more people like you and me who are bringing healing to the world, who are bringing beauty, who are sharing vulnerably, with love, from their hearts. This is not a time to lean back and hole up (except for recharging and grounding yourself, of course – ALWAYS prioritizing self-care is a non-negotiable)…

This time is calling for soul-led leaders, people who know they’re here for more.

It’s calling for people who feel a call to help, a call to be more and show up in a more meaningful way.

Do you feel that’s you? Do you KNOW that’s you?

I see you and I’m here to encourage and support your mission.

And that leads me to #5:

5. An invitation for you

If you resonate with this, and would like to get into community with me and other like-minded women, please join us this next Tuesday, Oct 4th and weekly, through the rest of the year (at least), in the Entrepreneur Alchemy Laboratory (EAL).

In these weekly EAL sessions we’ll be talking about sales, branding, public speaking, mindset, events, zoom tips, etc – all the aspects that are part of the entrepreneur’s daily world. We’ll dive into these topics and we’ll do some masterminding and coaching to help elevate each of us to next levels of authentic-to-you success.

These EAL sessions are for anyone with an online or in-person or brick-and-mortar business – solopreneurs, artists, healers, speakers, business owners – anyone who is looking to get into community with other businesswomen.

We are just starting this community, so I invite you to come and help create this team from scratch. My intention is that each member of this group will be an unstoppable powerhouse – if not already, then in our time together – so watch this space!

You can sign up for this week as well as upcoming sessions here:

(Hot tip: When you book your session day, you can choose “recurring” to sign up for all the sessions for the coming month at the same time)

If you’re feeling some excitement as you read this, please join us this coming Tuesday, 8:30am Mountain and in the following weeks. Did I mention these sessions are totally free? This is your chance to to step into your greatness, no excuses. I’m so looking forward to supporting you there.

It’s been fun catching up with you!

Comment below and let me know what’s new in your world.

I’m grateful for you and for this beautiful, supportive community that’s grown together over the years. Sending you love and hugs from Evergreen.


P.S. Do you have any female friends or colleagues that should know about the Entrepreneur Alchemy Laboratory? Forward them this post – it’s FREE to join and all are welcome.
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  • This is all so great Katy!

    I’m hoping to make Tuesdays, but it’s the one day a week my kiddo actually goes into her hybrid homeschool. I’ve signed up & I’m going to try, but I may not be fully present, as I’ll be doing all the things to shuffle her out the door.
    Love what you’re doing💚

    • Love those days, Mel! Aside from the having to get out the door, of course 🙂 I may be playing with the time as we go, depending on interest and what works for most. For now, this was the one day/time I could consistently commit to, so went ahead and rolled with it. 🙂 I know what it means to juggle all the things, so I welcome your participation, whatever that looks like for you. xoxo

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