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RTT, Marisa Peer Method, Rapid Transformational Method

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy, a.k.a. RTT, is a powerful way to quickly transform anything you want to change in your life.

RTT works through a combination of techniques, including hypnotherapy. Through the RTT process, you learn about the root causes for why you do or believe certain things and, with this understanding, you begin a thorough transformation. The process is powerful and the results are phenomenal.

I’d been searching for a long time for a tool like this. In working with my clients, and in talking with many friends, I found that they had a strong talent for getting in the way of their own success. To be honest, this has been part of my own story as well.

Whether it was procrastination, perfectionism, needing to take one-more-class, earn one more certification, fear of being judged, or fear of failure (and success!), they couldn’t get out of the spinning loop in their minds and into action. 

These people all have huge hearts and want to make a difference in the world. They want to help others, help support their families, make a great income, but they couldn’t break through. Even despite having incredible talent, proven business success systems, coaching support, encouragement, they felt stuck…

And then when they did have moments of success, they couldn’t truly embrace them and it always seemed like a “fluke” or something that wouldn’t last for long.

What was the problem? How could I help them take action??

This is where RTT came into the picture.

RTT looks at the presenting issue (procrastination, fear, lack of confidence, etc) and finds the root cause for this pain point. When we can understand that root cause, it is incredibly powerful. We can break it down and release it through the RTT process. And, better yet, we can reprogram our mind – our subconscious (this is the key) – to be all that we want it to be – motivated, confident, brave and more.

Imagine what RTT could do for you and your life…

Is there a bad habit you’d like to stop, weight you’d like to lose, fears you’d like to release? Would you like to do more public speaking, have a new relationship with money, have more self-esteem and self-confidence? When we can fix one area of our life that is oppressive, the benefits ripple into all the other areas of our life as well as with our relationships.

To chat more about RTT or book a consult, send me a note: katy@katymoses.com

I look forward to helping you through your blocks so you can start making the difference you’re here to make!

xo, Katy

Katy Moses coaching
My name is Katy Moses and I work with women like you who are ready to grow your businesses in your own way. You are too-often struggling with overwhelm, feeling like you need to incorporate all the things the experts say you should into your to-do list. Instead, I help you work with your unique skills and strengths to better leverage your action-taking and so you can experience real joy in work and life. Receive email updates HERE.


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