Side note: This video was unplanned. As you watch you’ll clearly see this. BUT, I’m a big pusher of inspired action and I believe in walking the talk. This is me taking inspired action. I firmly believe this is a message someone needs to hear, and my job is to set my ego and fear aside and share it. Since you’re here, perhaps it’s you or a friend that is experiencing this struggle of resistance. Please share with them – maybe it’ll make just the right bit of difference for them today. Thank you~ 


Girl Talk in the Bathroom – Let’s Get Real About Resistance and Success. Rebel Tendency

You’re feeling resistance and frustration as you work hard to get some traction in your new-ish business. You’ve done a ton of work – ongoing education, webinars with experts, you’ve purchased top-rated scheduling apps and made a bullet-proof plan – all the things that should be making your business a success, but you are still struggling.

You are too easily distracted, finding busy work and more books and one more marketing class to take. These distractions – even well-intentioned – are getting in your way. Let’s talk about why this is happening and let’s figure out real strategies to help you get out of this stuckness.

The take-aways…

Connect your work with your Why: Uncover your true identity (not your fear-based beliefs) – what is your purpose, your vision and passion? This is the first step in making real change in your mindset, in switching your motivation so that you can work and create in a way that is authentic to you and your core beliefs. This helps to melt away resistance and to energize your creativity.

Please leave a comment and let me know if this strikes a chord with you. You may not be a complete rebel, but I believe we all come up against resistance and this is a technique that will help any of us start to move through it.

And… are you ready for some more tips for dealing with your rebellious self? We can dig into that next.

See you soon!


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