Does the voice in your head sound a bit like this?…

“Hmmm….wouldn’t it be better if we just stayed at home on the sofa and watched a movie and ate chips instead of going to that event you were so excited about?”

“This job is fine. We don’t love it, but it’s got good benefits and pays the bills.”

“Who needs to run? Running is a lot of work – and what do you do if it’s snowing? Or too hot? Or too perfect – we’ll never be able to run in not-perfect weather again!”

“Do NOT go up and talk to that interesting-looking person. Let’s just stay right here and pretend we’re busy on our phone…”

While your inner voice might not use the exact same wording, you’ll find you can easily play Mad Libs, switching out the details to include your own story, situation and circumstances to mimic the voice in your own head.

For most people this inner voice isn’t much of an adventure-seeker or a party animal.

The job of this voice is to keep you safe, small, sticking with familiar situations (watching TV with snacks!) and what you already know. The job of this voice is to keep you alive.

That’s a pretty important job, no doubt. We don’t want to die before we reach a nice, healthy old age.

But this was a safety mechanism that we needed back in the early days, when we were regularly running from bears and lions.

Most of us aren’t dealing with a large predator on a daily basis. (If you are, we need to have a different convo.)

Consider those inner voice thoughts above more objectively – pretend they belong to someone else. They seem a bit silly, right? How likely are you to die from any of those “scary” things the voice is trying to get you to avoid? (Answer: Not very likely.)

And while moving to a more awesome career won’t lead you to death, that thought, and the others above do require moving out of your comfort zone to reach a more productive outcome. And many of us aren’t wired for this discomfort.

**Side note: We might be able to do the hard stuff easily in certain areas. Maybe social situations are easy for you, but fitness is hard, for example.

This resistance to change and discomfort is where things get tricky. What if we want to make changes to our lives and improve our habits, our health, our success and our relationships, but we feel stuck?

If we hit one of those areas in which we aren’t already wired for success, we meet resistance and it feels like everything gets in the way – it feels like the change we want can’t be accomplished.

But what if…What if you could rewire your brain and change the voice in your head so it actually HELPS you, encourages you, helps you figure out the next steps?

What if you could successfully accomplish – and master – any area of your life that you desired? (<---Maybe read this phrase a second time.)

Imagine successfully running that marathon, finding that amazing partner, creating your own business – anything that’s pulling at your heart and mind and soul.

What if the way to make the desired change happen were incredibly simple and straightforward?

Here’s the answer you were hoping for:

It is possible.

All of it.

You can rewire those thoughts in your head, you can use the power that lies in that voice to propel you to success in all areas.

And the solution is simple and straightforward.

This is the work I do with you in our Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions.

We tap into that voice and we go to the power behind it – your subconscious mind.

First, we get to the root cause of any issues that are getting in your way.

Next, we gain understanding around why those root causes are there and we gather any lessons we need.

We then clear away the old beliefs and the old, impairing interpretations.

Then we move forward.

We change those beliefs so they are actually in-line with your current understanding (You mean public speaking can actually be good for me?? I can feel good making healthy food and excise choices?? You mean I can leave that J.O.B. and start and grow my own business?? Fill in your wildest wild dream or aspiration here.)

We install new programming, new beliefs that are in alignment with who you are at your core, opening you up to limitless potential. Helping you access what you truly desire and the change you wish to make in the world.

Imagine what it would mean for you to change to a reality where it feels like you’re able to do anything you want in life…

Do you ever look at the successful people in your life and wonder what makes them different from you?

Why are they able to accomplish the things you’ve been wanting for yourself?

This is the key: Changing the beliefs that lie in your subconscious will set off a chain-reaction that will lead you away from failure and self-sabotage and will instead take you on a direct path to success.

Take a moment to reflect – you can write these answers for bonus point:

Consider what you’d change in your life if you could change anything…

What would you bring into your life?

What would you do with your time every day?

Who would be in your life?

What would you prioritize?

What would you no longer tolerate?

Each answer to the above questions – each of these things that you desire – are important messages. They are divine gifts – as are you. And if you don’t believe it now, you will soon enough.

When we can allow these messages – these soul desires – to come to reality, we’re in alignment. We’re living our purpose, living on purpose.

RTT will help you move into this beautiful, authentic alignment.

Are you ready to transform?

Let’s do this.

I look forward to working with you and seeing your transformation. I can’t wait to see you feeling better, finding your power, your voice and becoming the person you’ve always known you could be.

To help you achieve your personal transformation ASAP, I’m offering 1:1 Rapid Transformational Sessions. 

Book your complimentary 15 minute consultation call below.

My goal is to help as many people as possible get to their next level – and beyond – of potential.

RTT works in a way that gets straight to the heart of any issue. There’s no need for hours, weeks, months, years of talking through an issue. One session works for 90% of issues.

There are a limited number of these 1:1 sessions available, so please grab yours today.

Questions? Send me a note: katy@katymoses.com

Here’s to your amazing and transformational 2020.


Katy Moses is a Rapid Transformational Therapy certified practitioner based in Evergreen, Colorado. She’s available for both online and in-person sessions.

Katy works with women-in-business, helping them break free of the negative voice in their head, so they can feel better and can think and plan more clearly and effectively. Working with Katy and in harnessing their powerful subconscious mind, these women make more consistent income, attract better clients and opportunities. They’re doing work they love and living a full, rich life.

In addition, Katy works with children, teens and tweens, helping them navigate the roads of childhood that lead them to feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control. These kids are feeling the weight of peer pressure and real and imagined expectations from their friends, classmates, teachers, coaches and parents. She helps them find confidence in who they are, trusting that they are enough as they are so they can cultivate tremendous coping skills, develop grit and tenacity and relax and actually enjoy the gifts of a happy childhood!

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