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Join us for the Virtual Retreat and Kick Start Your Business!

Calling all my hard working ladies! This is for you, lovely, fierce woman:

After all you’ve done this year, are you ready to relax into a space of calm and clarity with some other amazing ladies? Are you ready to rediscover yourself and your desires?
Connect, support and be supported as you develop your vision and lay down some actionable steps that will be all about creating, living and working from the inside out, in a way that has ease and joy and keeps you energized.

Typically this retreat would cost $495 and be worth every penny. Today…it is yours for FREE. (YAY, FREE!!! ) This is my gift to my community to help grow and deepen our connections and support each other’s success as we rise to the next levels.

So grab your journals, your favorite pen and comfy clothes, because this retreat is coming to your house.

Ready? Save your spot today with the sign up below. I can’t wait to get started – see you soon! ❤❤❤

Sign up for the virtual retreat here!

End of Year Special Offer | Kick Start Your Business

Learning, Mindset, Planning, Visualization, Affirmation

Ready to release the overwhelm and fall back in love with your business?

Rekindle your love for your biz and life with Kick Start Your Biz Playbook, on sale TODAY, for the first time ever. Grab your copy of this fun-to-do activity book full of life-changing goodness, at a very special price for a very limited time. Here’s to living life on purpose, with purpose.

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Here’s to finishing the year with flying colors and stepping into 2018 with ease, enthusiasm and confidence. 


Is Energy Healing Right for You? | A Simple Tool for Feeling Your Best

Would you like to receive a healing session every month? 

Energy Healing Project Joy

In our Project Joy community  I create a custom healing every week for our members that responds to our needs and our goals. It helps with physical wellness as well as every aspect of life and business.
Would you be interested in receiving a monthly healing as a member of my A-list E-list list? The intentions of our healings would be more general than what we do in Project Joy, and would be targeted to helping you feel better and live a full life. This would give you a great base level of healing and, if you find yourself ready to take it to the next level, you can join our Project Joy community, specifically designed for entrepreneurs, artists & writers. And if you find yourselves ready for even more targeted healing and support, you can join my 1:1 program.
<<Join the Monthly Healing List>>
If you’re new to the world of energy healing, you can watch this video to learn more about how it works and how it can help to grow your business and experience a mini session.
Here’s a sample of what our healing sessions work towards:
– improve mindset
– create consistency in habits
– increase self-confidence & self-belief
– be a better communicator
– take my biz to the next 5 levels
– rekindle love
– find my passion in my work
– be independent – financially & emotionally
– grow my biz
– figure out best ways to market my biz
– stop being sick
– have vibrant energy
– travel the world
–  help others and make a difference in the world with my work
– release fears & overwhelm
– calm, clear mindset
– release monkey mind
– grow my community
– clear my blocks
– release false beliefs around money and earning
– find amazing clients who respect & are truly helped by me
– have amazing energy/vibes for 2017!
– do more writing
– feel more in-control with my life
– have comfortable, steady income (and more+)
– get clear on what’s holding me back so I can take steps to get past (and clear) the issue
– feel good
Here’s what one member says about her experience working with me:

I’d like to jump in with a quick testimonial here, because if you are like me, you are probably VERY SKEPTICAL about this whole reiki thing. Two weeks ago I had a first reiki session with Katy virtually. I was skeptical as I’ve never done anything like this before. But I decided to go into it with an open mind. I’ve had pain in my hips for two years that’s mostly dissipated the last two weeks. And I was super happy and energetic right after the session. In the week following, I also did exactly what I said I was blocking me – share my own story despite worries of “what people might think”. And I’ve been growing that in an increasingly authentic way. I’ve also had a record revenue launch and month, which I believe was due to a lot of shifts, but this was definitely one of the key factors.     – Laura B.

If you’d like to be a part of this brand-new monthly healing community, join us HERE.
And if you know you’re ready for deeper healing and even more results, join us at Project Joy HERE.
I’m excited for these new offerings and to see the changes this brings for you in your life – and business. Please share this with a friend who could also benefit from this!
Big Hugs,

Monthly Healing

Journaling Challenge | Developing Writing Skills

free journaling challenge

Journaling Challenge – Coming Soon!

Would you like to use the power of group energy and accountability to help strengthen your writing skills and develop your writing as a daily habit?

We’ve got a challenge coming up soon and I’m developing content and prompts that meet you where you are.

What topics would you like to explore? Where would you like to grow in your life? Or do you not care about specifics – you just want to WRITE?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, preferences and what would inspire you to spend more time writing about. Some ideas I’m bouncing around: self-understanding, business growth, clarity, creative expansion. Would you like these to be more about personal topics, or business (which can often be personal as well) topics?

This challenge will not be about writing perfectly, though you can use this time to polish what you’ve got. It can be stream-of-consciousness, it can be voice-to-text translated, it can be poetry or random words that come to mind when you read the day’s prompt. This challenge will be for YOU, helping you better understand you and have a playful time writing and connecting with others who want the same.

I’d love to have you join us and I look forward to getting to know you better.

Sign up for the free challenge HERE – you can sign up and leave your input for topics. Thanks!


Katy Moses offers coaching sessions via Skype to help you heal, release resistance, stress & anxiety, gain greater clarity, calm and flow to help you feel confident in your skin, as you move into alignment with your strengths, gifts, passions & goals. Do you have your sessions booked? Book online now


Weekly Self-Care


Weekly Healing Sessions

The past year has been eye-opening as I’ve worked with brave, intrepid ladies around the world who have been willing to experiment with me to see how we could use reiki to help with healing, releasing fears, deflating stress, and turning up the calm, clear-headed JOY in their lives. We’ve tested new techniques and have had really incredible results. Over and over again, we found the negative outside pressures melting away and calm becoming the dominant force within. 

As I’ve continued my journey, meeting with and working with more and more women, I’m more compelled to work with even more women, so they can experience this as well – this healing, this improving – FEELING BETTER. We all need to show ourselves some love and attention, especially when we demand so much of ourselves, when there’s so many things we want to do in our day, in our lifetime. 

We know that self-care is critical to the big picture of our success and I’d love to introduce you to the newest way to do this together.

Imagine weekly energy healing for you, working with your goals, your intentions – your specific needs, and in the convenience of your home – or wherever you are, whatever you’re wearing, whether you’ve showered or not. 😉 How could this change things for you, to include this weekly energy healing into your non-negotiable self-care routine? 

This is exactly what I’m cooking up with the Mindset Project. The mission is simple: to keep this experience simple, loving, healing, supportive.  This will be a group experience, where we’ll heal together, every week and you’ll be invited to share – anonymously or as yourself, within our private, safe space. You’ll be welcome to check in and share your journey and any shifts with the group. You can participate as much or as little as you’re called to at any time and, even if you don’t actively participate, the intention will still be that you will receive the reiki energy healing every week, in the way that serves your highest and best good. 

Sound compelling? I hope this calls to you. If so, click HERE to learn more and sign up as we’re starting next week – and don’t hesitate to send your questions my way today, just click reply. 

Here’s to feeling better and better every day & I hope this day is an amazing one for you. 

~~ Would you like to receive some reiki for self-healing today? Click HERE, and be sure to click the SUBSCRIBE button for updates!