Bumping Up HARD Against the Upper Limit Ceiling | Lizard Brain

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soul calling vs lizard brain

Lizard Brain vs. The Soul

Our lizard brain lives in a fearful place – it’s job is to protect us from being hurt, killed. It keeps us safe.
Our soul’s job is to live in love and to connect with other souls. Its here to help us learn, grow, deepen our understandings.
When we feel an ongoing pull, desire to do better and be more, and to make a change, that’s our soul’s voice.
When we second-guess, when we self-criticize, when we find excuses, when we see only obstacles, that’s the lizard brain.
Our lives are a constant tug-of-war between the lizard brain and the soul’s calling.
Which one is winning in your life right now?
Which one do you want to win?
If you want to dive deeper and support your soul, here are some thoughts to contemplate to help you keep your focus, gather momentum, and keep the lizard brain in check:
– Imagine yourself on your last day on earth, looking back on your life. Will you regret not answering the call of your soul, or will you be grateful that you did? How would those different choices impact your journey?
– Consider using the lizard brain and that fear as a guide to let you know when you’re moving in the right direction. If you’re finding yourself feeling fear from activities that aren’t truly life-threatening, what is it really protecting you from? Protecting you from the changes that comes with success, fear of rejection, fear of change? These kinds of fears aren’t life-threatening, but we’re receiving the same signal that we need to stop what we’re doing and move into self-preservation. Imagine what would happen if you could tell your lizard brain “thank you for all that you’re doing to protect me, now I need to take these next steps, and we’ll be ok” – feel free to try that out later today or tomorrow, when you’re about to be vulnerable, share your feelings, put yourself out there.
You’ve got this and you’re going to be ok.


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When the World Gets in Your Way | Upper Limit Problem

In the battle for good, sometimes fear gets in the way

Have you found yourself on the brink of a breakthrough, or experiencing something REALLY amazing and then – BOOM – something comes and rips the rug right out from under you?

Most of us have beliefs around how much of something good we can experience in our life – how much we can accomplish, how much success we can have… And when we start pushing up against that invisible energetic barrier – either through taking some big, brave steps, feeling amazing, experiencing really great things, meeting lots of lovely people, as examples – we trigger this barrier. We “know” what we “truly” deserve in life, and when things start getting bigger and better than we are comfortable with, we – consciously or not – will self-sabotage things to keep us in that same comfort level.

Think about a time where you caught yourself thinking, “Hmmm, things are going TOO well, they can’t continue on like this. When is the other shoe going to drop?” This is classic Upper Limit thinking.

It keeps us small and it keeps us safe. And it stinks, especially if you’d really like to live a life of purpose, acting on your God-given gifts, showing up as authentic you.

So what to do about it? 

Here are a couple easy actions:

  1. Visualize yourself PAST that barrier, living a life that isn’t constrained by it. What do you do? Where do you live? Who are your friends? What do you eat? What choices do you make in your day?
  2. Acknowledge that this is happening and give it some curious, detached thought. Why is this happening? Why is it holding you back? Is it trying to protect you? Send some gratitude to that fear – it’s doing two things for you. It’s trying to protect you, and it’s showing you EXACTLY where you need to go. When you can consider the fear and take action in spite of it, you’re on the right path.

So…If I do these ^^^^ things, I’ll be cured forever?

Unfortunately, no. I’ve had some mentors use the phrase, “New level, new devil.” As you continue to step up your game and show up more and more fully, you expand and grow and find yourself bumping up new energetic barriers – your beliefs have expanded and now they’re ready to expand again. It’s life. It’s continued learning, self-understanding, gaining wisdom.

Read more about the Upper Limit Problem in Gay Hendrick’s book, “The Big Leap”

The video below talks about some Upper Limiting happening in my life today (post-run, excuse the sweat). Soldier on, sistahs!

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