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Getting the Most Out of Your Belief-Shifting Affirmation Guide

Print out your guide and prep your work space. Get a cup of tea, journal, get cozy.

Read through the guide a couple times and get the overall ideas of the process locked in.

Craft your own potent, juicy, exciting affirmations - make sure they get your senses turned on!

Read your affirmations, record and listen to yourself speaking the affirmations. Repeat everyday for at least 21 days. Revise and rewrite as needed.

Our Story

katy moses mind belief shift coach

Katy started her own off-the-beaten-path journey, by walking away from her successful high-paying career in 2003. She left the bright lights of NYC for the call of the dark skies and the rocky trails in the mountains of Colorado. She didn't have a clear plan, she only knew her inner compass was pointing her in this direction. Over the next two decades, she dove in deep to her inner journey as well as outdoor exploration. She started a new career in photography, winning international awards, capturing the world and faces through her lens. And she explored mind-body practices, becoming a yoga teacher, a reiki master and a practical magic coach. She dove into the power of the subconscious mind, training in and becoming certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy. She found herself facing her biggest challenge yet, becoming a wife and then a mother to three incredible humans. She is motivated by the magic of life, by the tangible feeling of real, meaningful conversations. She loves to play hooky, ignore the arbitrary and to remind herself to always lean into life. She loves to encourage her clients to do that too.