Power of tears

A spin on H. Maudsley’s quote.

The Power of a Good Cry

How often do you let yourself cry when you feel tears coming?

It’s hard, isn’t it? We fight tears, we fight that release because it’s a slippery slope. If we start crying we loosen our grip on control. What if we can’t stop once we start crying? It’s important to hold steady – we need to keep it together, put on a brave face.

We can’t show our weakness.

We can’t be a wuss, a sissy, a coward… What are the other names we might be called – or that we might call ourselves – if caught crying?

In reality, it’s a tragedy that we don’t encourage each other – and ourselves – to let go, express our hurts. Because the negative effects of years of holding on, stuffing down and hiding what’s inside are real.

It’s okay to let go sometimes.

My Recent Embarrassing Cry

At a recent post-natal follow-up appointment my doc looked at me hard and she asked, “How are you?”

I could feel my lip start to tremble. Dammit, I thought I was fine. Why on earth was I crying?? I did NOT want to cry here.

I was, in fact, not fine. Being a new mom – again – is hard. Really hard.

I’m 9 years older. I have work I really want to be doing and finding the time is hard – I’m almost always holding a baby.

I want to be so present for this tiny human, but I feel pulled in many directions. My body is tired, my sleep is wack, and I have to keep being a mom to all three kids, be a good wife and all that means.

There are no days off.

To be clear, I don’t feel sorry for myself or my situation. I’m incredibly grateful and feel so blessed by the gifts I have.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

And when my doc took that moment to really care and connect and demand that I check in, the tears came – hard and fast.

I was embarrassed, until she encouraged me that it was okay and normal (I knew this – we all KNOW this, but, still we battle…) and she just sat with me until I was done.

After, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted. All I needed was that safe space, the time and encouragement to let go.

Life is still challenging, but it’s equal parts joy and adventure and so absolutely worth it. And it’s so much easier when we can release our emotional burdens.

Can you give yourself the gift of letting go today?

Whether it comes through tears, free flow writing, a good run, a therapeutic support session, art/creative time, yelling, singing, dancing… find a way to let go of what you’ve been emotionally, physically, energetically holding onto.

You’ve got this.

xo, Katy

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