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Wealth Wiring

In this week’s Project Joy healing audio, we help rewire our energy to become amazing receivers of wealth.

This meditation is about receiving ALL the kinds of wealth, and especially money-wealth, as that gives us a ton of freedom to be more authentic, joyful versions of ourselves.

When we’re not stuck in fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, this is good. When we move to an abundance of wealth mindset and energetic vibration, we feel better, we can think more clearly, we can see opportunity and receive joyfully.

To listen to the guided audio and receive the reiki energy healing, join us in the Project Joy group (sign up HERE).

What would it mean for you to have more Wealth?

Wealth is defined as an abundance of valuable possessions or money. It’s also defined as an abundance or plentiful amount of anything.

There are endless gifts available to us, brought to the world by God, the universe and lifetimes of wonderful humans.

Wealth can come in the form of money, as well as health, family, friends, love, experiences, possessions, and more.

We all have an ‘energetic envelope’ – a certain amount of wealth we can easily have. If we have too little relative to our envelope, we feel stress and maybe anxiety, worry. If we have too much, we feel resistance and start to push it away, either through self-sabotage or other damaging behaviors.

So, in this healing audio we find our energetic envelope, invite it to expand, and fully connect to all resources around us. We become irresistible magnets to wealth.

We draw in amazing experiences, opportunities, relationships and receive income and gifts from outlets we never even considered. We become wonderful, gratitude-filled, receivers, powerful stewards of our wealth.

Again, to listen to the audio and receive the reiki healing, join us in the Project Joy group (sign up HERE).

Take a Moment to Expand Your Wealth Envelope

If you’d like to try a super-mini-version on your own, you can start here, and follow the simple steps.

  1. Find a place to sit, feet on the floor, back nice and straight (don’t lean into back of chair).
  2. Take a few deep breaths, making each inhale/exhale deeper than the one before. Continue this until you feel your energy become calmer.
  3. Now imagine a container in front of you – this is the container for your wealth. You can adjust the size to where it feels comfortable. How much wealth can you easily receive?
  4. To help dial in this quantity: you have too small of a container if you feel anxious, wondering how you’ll pay bills… you have too big of a container if you start questioning your worth, or resisting “too much” wealth. Allow the size to be whatever it is, letting go of judgement. Continue your deep breathing.
  5. Next, invite that envelope – that container – to grow, maybe just by 10% – repeat: I am worthy, I am a wealth magnet, I receive with joy and gratitude (repeat, over and over, until you feel good with the increased container)
  6. Let this new, bigger container be YOURS, ready to receive more wealth and gifts that are waiting to come to you.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 as many times as you’d like. 🙂

I hope this helps you – have an amazing day as you open up to receive more gifts of wealth into your life!

Join us!

Receive a fully guided, and more in-depth version of this meditation, infused with reiki goodness by joining our Project Joy group today! To learn more about Project Joy and how you can have access to this ongoing self-care and reiki healing support, click HERE.

Be sure to comment below and share about your super-mini-version (but still powerful!) Wealth Envelope Expansion!

xo, Katy

P.S. Wondering how Project Joy works?

Every week we have a new theme that supports us feeling our best, living, working and creating as our authentic, joyful selves. Then we mix it all up with reiki healing, which helps to supercharge these themes, helping us to feel the shifts physically,  mentally and energetically, so we can integrate them more fully into our days. The goal with the weekly healings are to encourage and support us in living fully and freely, with ease and joy, sharing our unique gifts with the world. Making greater impact with our lives, week by week.

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