April 29, 2017


Weekly Healing Sessions

The past year has been eye-opening as I’ve worked with brave, intrepid ladies around the world who have been willing to experiment with me to see how we could use reiki to help with healing, releasing fears, deflating stress, and turning up the calm, clear-headed JOY in their lives. We’ve tested new techniques and have had really incredible results. Over and over again, we found the negative outside pressures melting away and calm becoming the dominant force within. 

As I’ve continued my journey, meeting with and working with more and more women, I’m more compelled to work with even more women, so they can experience this as well – this healing, this improving – FEELING BETTER. We all need to show ourselves some love and attention, especially when we demand so much of ourselves, when there’s so many things we want to do in our day, in our lifetime. 

We know that self-care is critical to the big picture of our success and I’d love to introduce you to the newest way to do this together.

Imagine weekly energy healing for you, working with your goals, your intentions – your specific needs, and in the convenience of your home – or wherever you are, whatever you’re wearing, whether you’ve showered or not. 😉 How could this change things for you, to include this weekly energy healing into your non-negotiable self-care routine? 

This is exactly what I’m cooking up with the Mindset Project. The mission is simple: to keep this experience simple, loving, healing, supportive.  This will be a group experience, where we’ll heal together, every week and you’ll be invited to share – anonymously or as yourself, within our private, safe space. You’ll be welcome to check in and share your journey and any shifts with the group. You can participate as much or as little as you’re called to at any time and, even if you don’t actively participate, the intention will still be that you will receive the reiki energy healing every week, in the way that serves your highest and best good. 

Sound compelling? I hope this calls to you. If so, click HERE to learn more and sign up as we’re starting next week – and don’t hesitate to send your questions my way today, just click reply. 

Here’s to feeling better and better every day & I hope this day is an amazing one for you. 

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