Rapid Transformational Therapy 



+ Initial discovery call/web chat.

+ Full RTT session

+ Custom transformational hypnosis recording

(listen for 21 days post-session to fully integrate transformation)

+ 1 month of follow-up support

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Reiki Energy Healing Transformational Experience



Weekly Clarity and Support Call/Skype + Distance Reiki Healing for first 4 weeks,

every-other week calls + Distance Reiki for following 8 weeks.

Priority Booking

Multiplied benefits from ongoing support and reiki

3 Months of Project Joy Membership | group support for entrepreneurs including unlimited access to our constantly-growing Reiki Healing Library

From my clients:

“Before working with Katy I had never had a Reiki treatment and although I was open I wasn’t sure if it would work with it being distance work. After two sessions what I have felt shift both in my mindset and physically has been INCREDIBLE. I have slept soundly, had the elephant on my chest lifted off, am clear minded about some life decisions that have been weighing on me and I feel happier! I would say to ANYONE that is feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed and just flat out depleted….schedule a session with Katy, be open and simply allow the process to work!”  ~Andrea S., Oregon

“After our last session I slept for over four hours solidly without cracking an eyelid, and had serial dreams of an inflow of love and money that felt perfectly right and natural. I don’t know if it was you or some other force, but it was delicious. Whatever you sent, can you send more of it??” ~ Margaret R., Colorado

“I’d like to jump in with a quick testimonial here, because if you are like me, you are probably VERY SKEPTICAL about this whole reiki thing. Two weeks ago I had a first reiki session with Katy virtually. I was skeptical as I’ve never done anything like this before. But I decided to go into it with an open mind. I’ve had pain in my hips for two years that’s mostly dissipated the last two weeks. And I was super happy and energetic right after the session. In the week following, I also did exactly what I said I was blocking me – share my own story despite worries of “what people might think”. And I’ve been growing that in an increasingly authentic way. I’ve also had a record revenue launch and month, which I believe was due to a lot of shifts, but this was definitely one of the key factors.” ~ Laura B., North Carolina


Q: How can energy work help me and my business?

A: As an entrepreneur, you know that you are your biz.

If you are sick, distracted, overwhelmed, you know it affects your bottom line, focus, ability to connect authentically, your ability to do quality work – and you KNOW these things are linked.

This is where our 1:1 reiki energy healing intensive sessions can support you and your entrepreneurial journey.

These sessions support you physically – helping with your overall and specific health and wellness.

These sessions can support you mentally – bringing calm and joy, releasing stress and anxiety.

The healing is so simple yet so, powerful – for your foundation and your transformation.

The benefits of this healing is almost limitless – read more benefits and learn how it works HERE.

What if you could have:

Focus vs Distraction

Action Taking vs Procrastination

Ease vs Struggle

Joy vs Stress

Calm vs Anxiety

Clarity vs Fog

Alignment vs Feeling Forced

More from my clients:

“Day 1 – Took the space to lay down, put on some music and place some crystals on my body. About halfway through felt a wave of warmth pulsing through me, and relaxed completely. When I got up, the crystals were super warm. I felt great that evening, so much so that I dealt with a major screw up by UPS with a smile on my face and never got agitated about it.

Day 2 – Had a productive meeting with a potential client, came home and immediately started working on a custom package proposal. I didn’t take time to relax until just before 10pm CST. I sat down to watch TV with my husband and took a few deep breaths. Almost immediately I felt an almost electric energy flowing through my core and my legs, so I stopped what I was doing and focused on that energy and my breathing. I slept like a rock!

Day 3 – Client signed on to an elite level package (5 figures total) and made the first payment today. Right after I accepted that payment, another potential client who has been stalling on signing up contacted me to say she’s ready.

I have to admit I had some doubts about distance reiki, but I’m a believer now! Overall, I’m feeling more focused, more energetic, and more emotionally free.
Crazily enough I’m actually feeling like the negative energy from my boss that had been weighing me down is not a factor anymore. ” ~ Michelle H., Texas

“Do you guys know about Katy Moses?? This woman!!! She is so amazing! She did a reiki session with me last week and truly has been making sure she could send the best kind of energy possible my way — she was such a gem to speak with – safe, caring, truly committed to helping — just wanted to give this gem of a human a massive shout out and to recommend her to anyone if you’re looking for some good mojo. Thank you so much Katy, I’m so glad to know you and so grateful to you!” ~ Jenev C., New Hampshire

“Katy was amazing to work with. I didn’t have to “do” anything! It was wonderful to just share what was going on in my business and life and then relax during the reiki portion of our session. After our reiki sessions I felt more at peace, more ease in my business, and a sense of it all working out in it’s own perfect way. I was looking to fill a group program and felt a real sense of calm around it-far from the desperation, attachment and anxiety I had felt before! Yes, I was a little skeptical if it really “worked”, but I definitely felt a change.
Update: I’ve been feeling VERY calm around my 6 week program. I have 3 spots filled and a few others i’ve been talking to that will most likely sign up. This is THE MOST CALM AND TRUSTING I have ever felt around an offering I’ve put out. No anxiety, no desperation…just a deep trust. It feels amazing!” ~ Jenn H., Colorado