Some of the most transformational work happens in small groups.

Connecting with a group of like-minded folks, sharing your experience, supporting and encouraging each other is a wonderful, bonding time.

So if you’re looking to bring a profound experience to your small group – coworkers, networking group, friends, etc – a rapid transformational group coaching day is your answer.

Whether you’d like to focus on growing confidence and speaking skills, getting rid of constant anxiety, cultivating deep and meaningful self-worth, create a new and healthy relationship with money and abundance, there are so many topics that are wonderful to do in a group setting.

The conversations that happen before, during and after are so meaningful and you create connections with each other that are deep and lasting.

You find these people are ‘your people’ as your trust develops and you see things in each other you hadn’t seen before.

Group experiences can be done in-person and online. Reach out today for more information and to see how this could be a right fit for your group.

Typical areas of focus for group experiences:

  • Money blocks, money relationships, developing an abundance and wealth mindset
  • Clearing anxiety
  • Cultivating a calm, confident, constant self
  • Strengthening public speak skills
  • Selling with soul, not smarm
  • Cultivating self-love and self-worth
  • And more, tailored to the groups needs and desires.
Katy Moses small group rapid transformational therapy