Short on time and ready to get big results, quickly?

A VIP Day with me is the answer. You are truly a very important person, and the world needs you sprinkling your magic ASAP.

A VIP Day is custom-created for you, your goals, your challenges and the demands on your life.

We design the day to meet you where you are, clear through your blocks and help rewire your mind for success and the outcomes you desire.

We’ll help establish easy-to-implement structures that will continue to support your transformation beyond our day together.

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Katy Moses Transformational VIP Day

Curious what a VIP Day might look like for you?

Here’s a sample itinerary:

Before our day you’ll fill out a questionnaire and then we’ll do a call to get crystal clear on where you are now, and where you’d like to go. We’ll also create a plan for our day together*

Our day can be anywhere from 3-6 hours, depending on your goals.

8:00 am – Begin the day with a meditation, custom to you, helping you to feel calm, centered grounded, preparing your energy to shift to a state of possibility and openness.

8:30 am – Life visioning process. This sets a clear emotional anchor for the desired direction you want to move.

9:30 am – Break, movement, healthy snack.

10:00 am – Finalize life visioning process. Creating visuals, choosing music, scents, and other sensory stimulants that will reinforce your life vision.

10:30 am – Rapid Transformational Therapy Session. Clear your blocks and success barriers, understand what’s been standing in your way and why, and rewire your brain to work FOR you – program your mind to match YOUR unique life vision.

12:30pm – Break, rest, movement, lunch

1:30 – Coaching session to help integrate vision into your life. Clarify practical actions and tools for navigating your success and transitions as you transform your life from the inside, out. Create an action plan to reinforce your transformations and the ripple effects you’d like to see, so you know exactly what your next steps will be.

2:30 – Wrap up our day

As part of the VIP day, we also have a follow-up coaching session about a week later, to help you continue to assimilate all your changes. Ongoing coaching may be offered at this point, as well as additional VIP days.

*All VIP days are currently taking place remotely, for the safety and convenience of all.

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Ready to book or find out more info?

Book a time to talk below, email or connect with me on Messenger.


Katy Moses is a Rapid Transformational Therapy certified practitioner based in Evergreen, Colorado.

Katy works with women-in-business, helping them break free of the negative voice in their head, so they can feel better and can think and plan more clearly and effectively. Working with Katy, these women harness their powerful subconscious mind, break free from limiting beliefs, move through mind-barriers, make more consistent income, attract better clients and opportunities. They’re doing work they love and living a full, rich life.

Katy believes that to have a successful business, you have to start on the inside. Starting by healing old wounds and clearing the beliefs that hold you back. Next, it’s about getting really clear on your unique vision (no more keeping up with the Joneses). When you are clear on what lights you up, it’s easier to focus, and you move towards your dream life with less effort and time. Next, it’s about developing an action plan that cuts out the busy work and gives you the most bang for your buck so you can focus on changing the world, not on the busy work. When you can get your mind working WITH you, instead of feeding you doubt and criticism, it will become a powerhouse of creativity and problem-solving. It will become your #1 cheerleader.