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Unblock Creative Flow +

Open Up to Success

This week, join me for an online experience. We’ll be chatting about the magic and science of  Rapid Transformational Therapy and we’ll do an actual group RTT session that will help you unblock YOUR creativity and help you open up to your awesome potential and success.

How can RTT help unblock your creative flow?

RTT uses multiple tools, but one of the most powerful is the use of hypnosis to help you access your subconscious mind. When you’re in hypnosis, you relax and your conscious (critical, doubting, second-guessing) mind becomes quiet.

In this state you can tell your mind exactly what you DO want – let the amazing ideas come through, take action without over-thinking, combine ideas in to new innovative creations.

When you give yourself permission to let ideas flow when you’re in this relaxed state, magic happens.

How can RTT help you open to success?

Again, when we can access our subconscious mind, we can re-train old ways of thinking and being. We can eradicate beliefs that no longer serve us.

So often we hold ourselves back from success, afraid of what may be on the other side. We worry that our success may make someone else feel bad, or that it might not be sustainable, or it might demand too much of us.

We know that we are meant to use our God-given gifts, we’re meant to shine brightly, help others and make an impact in this world. We’re meant to be gracious receivers, because the more we can receive the more we can give back. This makes us so powerful – let’s embrace this power.

RTT can help release those fears and resistances and can tell our minds we WANT success, we WANT wealth, we WANT to make an impact while being our authentic selves. It helps us change our thoughts, our beliefs and our actions, without having to consciously battle our old programming.

Try it out for yourself!

This week, I’ll be offering a group RTT session. This is my first time doing this online for a group and I’m hoping many of you join me and experience the wonder of this transformation. This session is totally FREE, when you join us live.

Be sure to click below to sign up and if you have any questions, reach out: message via Facebook or WhatsApp

xo, Katy

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